Adnan Sami Reminisces Sweet Memories With Shah Rukh Khan, Says The Latter Bought Sweaters For Him

Adnan Sami is one of the most phenomenal singers in the Indian music industry. The Padma Shri recipient is notably known for his exceptional mettle at the piano, and his versatility in the roles of a composer, musician and acting has been immensely appreciated. Moreover, Adnan is known for his charming and kind personality, which wins hearts every time. In one of his recent interactions, Adnan recalled a special memory during one of his song shoots with Shah Rukh Khan.

Adnan Sami remembers sweet memories while shooting with Shah Rukh Khan

In a recent interview with Bollywood Bubble, Adnan Sami recalled some fond memories while working with Shah Rukh Khan. For the unversed, back in the 2000s, Adnan shot with SRK and Kareena Kapoor for a cool advertisement for the brand, Pepsi. Adnan mentioned how Shah Rukh sweetly purchased a few sweaters for him since he felt cold in the assigned outfit. Remembering SRK surprising him with new sweaters, Adnan mentioned:

“I was supposed to be wearing a signature Hawaiian kind of a shirt. Colourful, summery… that was my outfit. That’s the way the designers had made my clothes but it was freezing cold. He (Shah Rukh) knew that. On the day that I arrived, he went out shopping and suddenly I got a knock on the door and he said, ‘You know what, it’s very cold outside. I got you some sweaters.’ I was very touched by that.”

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When Adnan credited SRK for visiting his ailing father at the hospital

Well, Adnan Sami and Shah Rukh Khan’s friendship goes back a long time, as time and again, the duo has stood beside each other. In one of his previous interviews with Bollywood Hungama, Adnan had recalled the time when Shah Rukh Khan, as well as Amitabh Bachchan paid a visit to his ailing father at the hospital. Recalling how graciously both the actors interacted with his parents, Adnan had mentioned:

“I missed both Bachchan Saab and Shah Rukh by minutes. But at least my mother was there when Shah Rukh so graciously visited with his daughter. My father couldn’t recall the names of all the Bachchan and SRK films he had seen except Veer Zaara.” 


When Adnan Sami gave a witty reply to claims of him moving to India for money

In one of his earlier interviews with the Humans Of Bombay, Adnan had spoken up about his decision to give up Pakistani citizenship and take Indian citizenship in 2016. He also had reacted to claims that he had moved to India for the sake of money. The singer mentioned that contrary to the rumours, nobody actually knew his rich family backgrounds. He added that he felt blessed to be brought up in a well-to-do family.

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When Adnan shared he had to leave behind a lot in Pakistan to move to India

In the same interview, Adnan had mentioned that he had given up a lot of things which he could have easily inherited a lot of things from his erstwhile land, just money, just because of the tremendous amount of love and regard he witnessed in India. He had mentioned:

“Money, if at all, I have given up a lot, because there’s a tremendous amount of stuff that I could have inherited from there (Pakistan) which I have given away. The kind of love and appreciation I got over here, overwhelmed me as an artiste.”


What do you think about Adnan Sami’s memories with Shah Rukh Khan? Let us know.

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