Anbe Vaa – Puthiya Vaanam Song

Anbe Vaa – Puthiya Vaanam Song

Anbe Vaa – Tamil Movie

Star Cast: M.G.R, Saroja Devi, Nagesh, Manoram, Asogan and Others
Music: M.S. Viswanathan
Direction: A.C.Triloka

Description : Anbe Vaa is a Tamil Comedy Film. M.G.R is a wealthy industrialist who decides to take a break at his Shimla home away from business concerns. He lands there to find that his caretaker has rented his house to Saroja Devi’s family, taken the rent and left for Kasi with his wife. M.G.R decides not to reveal his identity and pretends to be a wealthy man, Balu, willing to pay rent for a place in the house. He keeps playing practical jokes on Saroja Devi hand they keep clashing. By the time M.G.R confesses his love for her, Saroja Devi’s engagement is already fixed.

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