Ariana Grande And Hailey Bieber Support Each Other, Does This Hint Towards A Budding Friendship?


Ariana Grande And Hailey Bieber Support Each Other, Does This Hint Towards A Budding Friendship?

Ariana Grande and Hailey Bieber have always promoted the concept of women supporting women and, time and again, have preached the same. The duo are doing exceptionally well in their respective modelling and singing fields and are now proud owners of their beauty businesses. For the unversed, both the starlets own their respective makeup and skincare brands, Rem Beauty of Ariana and Rhode Skin of Hailey’s.

Ariana Grande and Hailey Bieber support each other in a recent video

In a recent Vogue segment, Ariana and Hailey showcased their skincare and makeup routine by using a few products of each other’s brand. The two women gave a shoutout to each other’s brand and talked about women uplifting one another. This coming from Ariana, who is also a very close friend of Selena Gomez, was truly recommendable. Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber are tied in an infamous animosity, prevailed by their fans after Hailey married Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez’s ex-boyfriend.

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Ariana revealed that she loves Rhode Beauty’s lip mask in the birthday cake flavour. She also added that Hailey Bieber used her (brand’s) product in her Vogue video, so she brought Rhode’s products to her video. Hailey previously used Rem Beauty’s eye product in her GRWM Vogue video and hailed the singer for her products’ quality.

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Check out the video here.

Audience reacts to the budding camaraderie of Hailey Bieber and Ariana Grande

As soon as the video was posted on Vogue’s official page, large numbers of netizens poured in their love for the two. People were highly appreciative of Hailey’s lip mask and also for her flawless skin. At the same time, the audience was demanding a collab between the two brands and was rooting for their friendship. Check out the comments:

Let us know what you think of the current camaraderie display of Hailey Bieber and Ariana Grande.

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