Ashish Vidyarthi’s Wife, Rupali Barua Recalls Meeting The Former’s Son, Arth, Before Their Wedding

Ashish Vidyarthi and his second wife, Rupali Barua have been hitting the headlines ever since they announced their wedding. For the unversed, the former was previously married to veteran Bengali actress, Shakuntala Barua’s daughter, Rajoshi Barua, and the two have a son, Arth Vidyarthi. However, Ashish’s decision to part ways from Rajoshi and get married to Rupali created a stir on the internet, as many weren’t able to come to terms with the fact that the actor got married at the age of 57. Moreover, several allegations were also thrown towards Rupali, as it was thought that she was responsible for the actor’s divorce from his first wife. And now, Rupali made some unheard revelations about her new journey.

Rupali shares her experience of meeting and interacting with Ashish’s son, Arth

In an interview with Behindwoods TV, Rupali opened up about meeting with her husband, Ashish’s son, Arth Vidyarthi. Calling him a sweet boy, Rupali mentioned that they had a brief interaction and the latter behaved very politely and kindly with her. Calling it a not-so-serious encounter, Rupali said:

“He’s a very sweet boy. We had a very good conversation, nothing serious, just discussing what he is doing. It was just general talk; it was very normal. He’s a very sweet boy, we met very warmly. It was a short but very nice encounter.”

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When Rupali Barua spoke about the negativity she received post her wedding with Ashish

In the same interview, Rupali Barua had opened up about the negativity that came her way post she announced her wedding with Ashish Vidyarthi. The fashion entrepreneur mentioned that she didn’t care much about the negativity, since she stopped seeing the comments. Moreover, she didn’t want to bother herself with whatever everyone said about her, since she didn’t know them. In her words:

“I did not give a damn because I don’t know those people. They have seen something that is very un-obvious, for normal people, because they don’t know about it. It didn’t affect me so much because I didn’t read the comments so much. My close ones are supporting me, I don’t need any other validation.”


When Ashish Vidyarthi shared his son, Arth’s reaction to his separation from Rajoshi Barua

In a previous interview with India Today, Ashish Vidyarthi had spoken about his decision to part ways with his ex-wife, Rajoshi Barua. He mentioned that if he and Rajoshi were to stay together, they wouldn’t have been able to give their son the kind of life they always dreamt for him. Moreover, he revealed that it took him a lot of strength to break the news of his divorce to his son, and added that the latter had still been processing the whole thing.

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When Ashish recalled how and when he met Rupali Barua

Right after their surprise wedding announcement in May 2023, Ashish Vidyarthi, in an interview with Telegraph-t2, opened up about his love story with Rupali Barua. The talented actor revealed that he crossed paths with Rupali after he ended his marriage with ex-wife, Rajoshi, when he went out for a vlogging assignment. He highlighted how, through various interactions, they got to know one another a little more, and revealed how Rupali too went through a similar personal tragedy in her life.


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