At almost 4.6 lakh, April 30 saw maximum domestic flyers in a day so far | India News – Times of India

NEW DELHI: Sunday (April 30) saw the highest ever number of domestic flyers in a day with over 4.56 lakh people taking to the skies.
The aviation ministry said this new (daily) “all time high” happened on the 2,978 domestic flights that day.
Pre-Covid 2019 had seen 14.4 crore domestic flyers, a daily average of 3.95 lakh.
Since earlier this year, there have been several days when the daily number of domestic flyers has crossed the pre-Covid number.
For instance, March has historically been a lean travel month. But DGCA data shows this March saw almost 1.29 crore domestic flyers — more than the number seen in peak travel months of October 2022 (1.14 crore), November (1.17 crore) and December (1.27 crore). In fact, this March was closest to the all time monthly domestic air travel high of pre-Covid December 2019 at 1.3 crore.
The recent all time highs are being registered despite airfares being at record levels with over 100 Airbus A320 family aircraft of IndiGo and GoFirst being grounded for months due to Pratt & Whitney’s inability to supply engines and spares.
The travel industry expects a bumper season this summer. “Schools holidays will soon start and there are hardly any seats available on international flights. Fares on both domestic and international sectors are at unheard of levels. Yet even these high prices and long wait for visas is not dissuading people from travelling both within and outside the country,” said a travel agent. Clearly the pent up demand for travel being seen since last year is not showing any signs of showing as all reasons for travel — from business, conferences, leisure and visiting friends and relatives — is back with a bang and here to stay.

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