Babil Khan Reveals The Pressures He Took After Irrfan Khan’s Death: ‘I Wake Up In Pressure And I…’


Babil Khan Reveals The Pressures He Took After Irrfan Khan's Death: 'I Wake Up In Pressure And I...'

Babil Khan is one of the most talented actors amongst the newest generation in Bollywood. The star kid has made some commendable performances in films like Qala, Railway Men and Friday Night Plan. Son of legendary actor, late Irrfan Khan, Babil has been captivating many hearts with his impeccable performances. Time and again, the actor has often been faced with comparisons with the legacy left behind by his father, Irrfan. And now, the young talent recalls the moment when he met with the biggest tragedy of his life.

Babil Khan recalls the tough time of his father, Irrfan Khan’s death

In a recent interview with Bollywood Bubble, Babil Khan recalled the most tragic moment of his life, when he lost his father, Irrfan Khan. For the unversed, Irrfan passed away on April 29, 2020, after suffering from prolonged illness. Recalling the tough times back in the day, Babil mentioned how he had to take up all the pressures of the family, and added that it was not forced upon him by anyone. He also shared how he continues to feel the pangs of this pressure continually in his life to date. In his words:

“I took it upon myself. Nobody told me to do this. And nobody told me to take the pressure. Nobody told me to become an actor. I wanted to. I stepped into the mud and now I have to deal with it. And I feel pressure all the time. I wake up in pressure and I sleep in pressure. I go through the day in pressure. But the truth is that you will never realize your potential as an artist and a human being without pressure. Because pressure it shapes you, it is needed to shape you.”

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Babil reveals how people have perceived him so far as his father, Irrfan’s son

In the same interview, Babil spoke about people’s perceptions about him, and revealed how they approach him with memories of his father. He shares how they still keep his father, Irrfan Khan alive in their memories, and also give him some much-needed positive affirmation, which boosts his morale. In his words:

“People have been coming to me. Before it was all about ‘I love your father’ and even I was like ‘I love my father’. But now, people do come to me and I’m totally expecting them. They are like ‘Oh, I watched your work and I really liked it’ and he becomes all shy.”


When Babil emphasised the need for him to earn a film amidst the nepotism debate

In one of his earlier interviews with Filmgyan, Babil Khan shared his stance on whether he got opportunities easily, being the son of an actor. Babil, on the contrary, mentioned that he does not consider himself a star kid, but only the son of his father. Moreover, he revealed that he still emphasises the need to earn a film and a role in Bollywood, despite having enough connections to smoothen his way in.

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When Babil shared his desire for his father to see his achievements

In one of his old interviews with Film Companion, Babil Khan had spoken about his ardent desire for his father, late Irrfan Khan to have been able to see his achievements this far. He shared that he missed his father and his smile, and always wanted to make him proud.


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