Bobby Deol’s Multi-Millionaire Wife, Tanya Deol Is The Owner Of Her Dad’s Property Of Rs. 300 Crores

Bobby Deol became an overnight sensation with his debut, Barsaat in 1995. The film not only helped him to bag several awards and accolades, but also brought him on the radar of a massive female fan following, who was ready to swoon by just a glimpse of him. However, little did he know that far away, yet residing in the same city of Mumbai, was his future ladylove, Tanya Ahuja, who knew absolutely nothing about his newfound stardom.

Tanya Ahuja had met Bobby Deol at a restaurant


Out of all the obvious places, Tanya and Bobby had crossed paths at a restaurant, where both of them were out enjoying some time with their friends. Luckily, due to one of their common friends, Bobby saw Tanya for the first time and was completely bowled over by her beauty. Thereafter, he tried to woo her through many attempts, which included purposely getting defeated by her at a game of cards to even hunting for her phone number frantically, only to end up calling her anonymously in the middle of the night. Finally, the duo attained fulfilment when they tied the knot in a traditional Punjabi wedding in 1996. Tanya Ahuja thus became Tanya Deol and became the choti bahu of the illustrious Deol clan.

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Years later after their marriage, Tanya Deol, in one of her interviews with eminent designer duo, Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla, had spilt beans remembering a fond moment with Bobby Deol. She mentioned how after their first meet at a cafe, Bobby made frantic attempts to look for her phone number, and after having done so, had called her up at an absurd hour in the night. She mentioned:

“And then, a while later, he called me up. It was at some absurd hour at night. And I was fast asleep. So I pick up the phone and I say to him, ‘I’ll call you tomorrow’. He says, ‘you don’t know who I am?”


Tanya Deol belongs from a wealthy, millionaire business family


While Bobby Deol is widely known to many as a brilliant actor, his wife, Tanya is seldom seen in the public eye. Thus, many are left curious to know more about her. Well, to begin with, Tanya hails from quite a well-do-to family. Her father, late Devendra Ahuja was a multi-millionaire banker and was the Managing Director of the 20th Century Finance Company. Her parental home is a lush apartment at the iconic location of Nariman Point in Mumbai, spread across a massive 5000 square feet of space. In her old interview on the show, First Ladies, Tanya once opened up about the differences she faced post-marriage, when she shifted from a business family to a film family. She mentioned:

“Well, both are entirely different set ups. When you are in a business, you have a 9 to 5 job. Whereas when you’re working in films, there’s no fixed hours.”

Tanya Deol had witnessed massive troubles in her family


Unlike the common belief of having a fairy-tale like upbringing in a family worth millions, Tanya Deol had on the contrary, seen something entirely different. Right after her marriage with Bobby Deol in 1996, Tanya had to bear the shocking news of her father getting involved with an air hostess, who was nearly half his age. This illicit relationship had infuriated Tanya’s mother and siblings, Vikram and Munisha who had abandoned him immediately.

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Tanya Deol had inherited her father’s property and business worth Rs. 300 crores


He was only supported by Tanya and Bobby, as a result of which, Tanya became the only inheritor of her father’s property and business worth Rs 300 crores, post his demise. Moreover, it was also reported that Tanya’s father had reciprocated his son-in-law, Bobby’s favours by financing his films at a time when he hit a massive low in his career.

Tanya Deol’s professional identity as an interior designer


Apart from inheriting her father’s business, Tanya Deol is personally an interior designer by profession. She holds a diploma in interior designing and has long since started her own chain of specialised and customised furnishings, called The Good Earth. Moreover, she has also worked as a costume designer for a few Bollywood films, such as Jurm and Nanhe Jaisalmer.

Tanya Deol was supported by her hubby, Bobby during her fight against her brother, Vikram


Well, this much apparent bias towards Bobby and Tanya by the latter’s father, Devendra Ahuja became a notch higher when after his death, Tanya had dis-allowed her own brother, Vikram to take part in his funeral. Clearly, Vikram was very much infuriated and had given a media revelation throwing a lot of allegations against his sister and his brother-in-law. However, Tanya was supported throughout this testing time by Bobby Deol.

Tanya Deol and Bobby Deol’s kids

tanya deol kids

Apart from being a madly in love couple, Bobby and Tanya are doting parents to their sons, Aryaman Deol and Dharam Deol. Interestingly, it was on Tanya and Bobby’s keen thoughtfulness that they had named their secondborn in the same name as the former’s father, Dharmendra.


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