BTS Jin’s Kind Gesture Towards A Former Trainee Wins Hearts, Netizens Call Him ‘The Humblest King’

Bangtan Boys, aka BTS, are the leading K-pop boy group and are taking the world by storm with their music. Be it as a group or as individuals, the boys are doing exceptionally well on their professional front. While the boys are soaring high in success, there are no whims in them in regard to humility and humble nature. Quite recently, a video of a former trainee, Seunghyun, is going viral as she shared her experience of meeting BTS’ Jin, and it was heartwarming.

For the unversed Seunghyun was in the same training facility as BTS’ Jin, and the duo had known each other long before Jin debuted as an idol. Seunghyun is currently working as a social media influencer and is an artist at Afreeca TV, which is somewhat like South Korean YouTube. Korean artists share their quirks and talents on the platform and engage with the native South Koreans.

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BTS Jin’s kind gesture towards a former trainee

Social media influencer and Afreeca TV artist, Seunghyun appeared in the YouTube video of former football player, Kim In-Ho. In the video, Seunghyun shared that she and Jin trained together in their initial years, and also revealed her experience of meeting BTS Jin after he became famous. Seunghyun met Jin at a subway station and thought walking past him would be better as he is now a star, but to her surprise, Jin shouted her name when he saw her and warmly greeted her.

Seunghyun also divulged that she told Jin that she was about to go past him as she thought he would prefer it that way, owing to his immense popularity. Jin was very sweet and told her, ‘ There is no such thing,’ before conversing with her. Jin’s sweet gesture greatly impacted Seunghyun, and she vocally expressed her liking for the same.

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Netizens hail Jin for his kind gesture towards Seunghyun

As soon as the video reached the forefront, netizens in large numbers hailed Jin for his down-to-earth nature. While some praised the entire band, BTS, some pointed out that Jin has repeatedly proven why he deserves the success he has achieved and more. Check out the comments directed towards the ‘humble king’ Jin:

Let us know your views on the kind gesture of BTS’ Jin towards Seunghyun.

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