Esha Deol Gives Credits To Dharmendra For Deol Siblings Getting Much Love From Fans: ‘It’s His Aura’

Esha Deol and her half-sibling, Sunny Deol have been constantly hitting the headlines soon after the former gave a miss to the latter’s son, Karan’s wedding a miss, which left all speculating if everything is okay between the half-siblings. After that, dismissing all such speculations the Deol clan posed together happily as Esha Deol hosted a special screening of her half-brother, Sunny Deol’s then-upcoming film, Gadar 2. However, the stills and the clips from the same made their way to social media, and fans couldn’t stop gushing over the glimpses of Esha, Sunny, and Bobby’s happy family pictures. And recently, Esha has opened up about the immense love they all have been getting from their fans. The actress also gave credit to her papa, Dharmendra for the same.

Esha Deol gives credit to papa, Dharmendra for receiving much love from the audience

In an interview with Bollywood Hungama, Esha Deol opened up about the immense love that she and her half-siblings have been receiving lately. Giving her father, Dharmendra the credit for the same, Esha mentioned that all of this love comes from only her papa, and it’s nothing but his aura. Talking more about the same, Esha metaphorically mentioned that she, Sunny, and Bobby Deol are like Dharmendra’s seeds, and they have been carrying it forward, and the audience who has that love for the veteran actor gives it to his kids. Talking about the same, Esha mentioned:

“This comes from my father. It’s his aura, his persona and we are his seeds so we are just taking it forward and the public who has that love for him gives it to us.”

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Esha Deol talks about people’s speculations about the relationship between Deol-siblings

In the same interview, Esha opened up about people’s speculations about the relationship between Deol siblings. Esha shared that she takes all the speculations about their relationship with a pinch of salt. Sharing more details about how they handle all such things, Esha stated:

“The media knows what the public will like and they cater to them. They are doing their job. I don’t ever take it to heart. I take it with a pinch of salt. It’s something that I am always aware of. I knew we are often spoken of. There are certain things we can talk about and there are certain things we don’t want to talk about and we will not no matter how much we are coaxed.”

When Esha Deol hosted a special screening for her brother, Sunny Deol’s then-upcoming movie, Gadar 2

It was back on August 12, 2023, when Esha Deol hosted a special screening for Gadar 2. The screening was attended by the close friends and family members of the Gadar 2 actor, including Ahana Deol and Bobby Deol. Moreover, the pictures from the same made everyone go gaga over the Deol siblings. In the pictures and videos that had gone viral on the internet, Sunny could be seen posing happily with his brother, Bobby Deol, and their step-sisters, Esha and Ahana. Check out the pictures below:

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When Esha Deol revealed how she celebrates Rakhi with her half-brothers and father

Earlier, in an interview with Filmygyan, Esha was asked how she celebrates Rakhi. To this, Esha shared an unheard anecdote about the same. The actress shared that ever since she was a kid, she has been tying Rakhi to Sunny and Bobby Deol every year. The actress also shared that as a kid, she would even tie Rakhi to her dad, Dharmendra. Calling it sweet, Esha also mentioned that she would even get a decent amount from her brothers and dad as shagun.


Watch the video here.

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