Esha Gupta Shares A Scary Incidence Of Casting Couch: ‘He Thought That I Would Fall Into His Trap’


Esha Gupta Shares A Scary Incidence Of Casting Couch: 'He Thought That I Would Fall Into His Trap'

Esha Gupta is one of the hottest actresses in Bollywood. After being crowned as the Miss India International 2007, the diva went on to make her debut with the 2012-release, Jannat 2. Her performance in the debut film was hugely acclaimed, as a result of which she was bestowed with the Filmfare Award nomination. Thereafter, Esha went on to become a part of some hit films, such as Raaz 3D, Rustom, Baadshaaho, Commando 2 and others.

Esha Gupta recalls horrific casting couch experience

In a candid interview with SpotboyeE, Esha Gupta narrated a horrifying experience of herself in the film industry, where she faced an incidence of casting couch. The diva mentioned that not once, but twice did she come across some filmmakers, who asked for sexual favours, in return for suitable work opportunities. Moreover, Esha revealed that after she straight up refused to comply with their request, she was barred from entering the film sets, even though that the shooting was half done. In fact, these filmmakers spread negative rumours about the actress to others, thereby sidelining her to get any other projects. Esha mentioned:

“Two individuals subjected me to this ordeal. The film was half completed. When I refused, the co-producer told the maker that he did not want to see me in the film. What am I doing on set? After this, some makers even refused to cast me in films. I had heard that these people used to say about me that if I won’t do anything then what is the point of taking me in the film?”

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Esha asked her makeup artist to share the room with her in fear of casting couch

In the same interaction, Esha also recalled another scary episode of casting couch, when she was roped in for an outdoor shoot. The diva revealed that she was so scared of someone barging into her room that she requested her makeup artist to sleep in the same room as her. In her words:

“There were two people who laid the trap of casting couch. I had understood but I still did the film because it was a small move from their side. He thought that I would fall into his trap during the outdoor shoot. I was also smart, I said that I would not go to sleep alone. I called my makeup artist to sleep in my room.”


When Esha mentioned being advised to take whitening injections by members of the film industry

In one of her earlier interviews with the Hindustan Times, Esha Gupta spoke about her initial years in the film industry, and revealed the various derogatory comments she received, just because she was a dusky girl. The actress mentioned how during various auditions, many people used to advise her to take whitening injections, in order to be better suited within the industry standards.

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When Esha revealed if she would ever go under the knife to beautify her facial features

In that same interview, Esha Gupta referred to the frequent aspect of getting cosmetic surgeries done by various actors and actresses, in order to enhance and beautify their facial features, and added whether she would do the same. Esha mentioned that she felt comfortable in her own features, and wouldn’t want to change them.


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