Exclusive! My motherhood journey is going to be an incredibly humbling experience: Aashka Goradia – Times of India

Aashka Goradia, who was last seen in the daily soap Naagin, has also started her journey as an entrepreneur, successfully balancing her acting and business ventures and travelling between Ahmedabad and Goa (where her base is). Aashka shared a post on social media on Mother’s Day, announcing her pregnancy with husband Brent Goble. In a chat with us, Aashka spoke about her new journey as a mom and why work will never take a back seat.

Has it sunk in yet that she’s going to be a mommy?

It has absolutely sunk in. We (Brent and I) have been waiting for this day for a while and we are over the moon to be pregnant. I wake up to a new day experiencing numerous emotions, some days I am very confident about what we are going to do as parents, some days I worry. This is such a beautiful phase of my life. I’m looking forward to experiencing so much more as a mother.

What are you looking forward to the most as a mom?

The entire experience of becoming a mother and this journey of pregnancy is extremely humbling. I am also looking forward to becoming a better person each day and eventually raising one. So, what I am looking forward to the most? Being a better version of myself every single day.

On whether work will take a back seat for now

Work can never take a back seat for me. It is what keeps me going. My work needs me, and I need my work. With a growing business and growing baby in the womb, life is ready to teach me the perfect balance. I am here to embrace that balance.

On how Brent is preparing for parenthood

Brent is very, very excited about our baby. I am blessed to have him as a supportive partner, and so is this baby to have such a loving, caring dad. Brent is the husband of my dreams and will be the best dad ever. He cares for me dearly and loves and pampers me even more. This is truly a magical phase in our lives.

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