Highest-Paid YouTube Teachers In India: Physics Wallah, Khan Sir, Aman Dattarwal, Dear Sir, More

In recent years, YouTube teachers have completely revolutionised the education sector in India, courtesy of the fact that they’re offering accessible and free learning resources. Channels like Infobells, SSC Maker, Unacademy, and Khan Academy India have garnered millions of subscribers on YouTube, as they’re providing high-quality lessons on a wide range of subjects.

With the power of their engaging content and easy accessibility, YouTube educators have transformed the way students in India used to learn and excel academically. Even parents are quite convinced about their children studying on YouTube, courtesy of the stature some of the YouTube educators have made in the media.

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When the famous YouTube teacher, Khan Sir, made its way to Kapil Sharma’s celebrity talk show, The Kapil Sharma Show, it was at that moment that people realised that YouTube educators have truly arrived and are all set to rule the education sector. One of the biggest USPs of YouTube educators is that they’ve made education absolutely free in a country where some people are still unable to pay their kids’ school fees.

The emergence of various education channels on YouTube has also helped many underprivileged children to fulfil their dreams of gaining education and learning skills. While the list of YouTube teachers is almost endless, we will look at the income of some of the most famous and admired YouTube educators in India, who are dominating the education sector with their YouTube channels. So, without further ado, let’s get straight into it.

Dear Sir’s co-founder, Mohammad Kashif

Dear Sir is one of India’s most famous education YouTube channels and learning apps. From the best English-spoken courses, class 10th term, competitive exams and everything related to educational courses, Dear Sir is highly preferred by many students nationwide. The official YouTube channel of Dear Sir has 16.2 million subscribers on YouTube. For the unversed, Dear Sir was reportedly founded by Mohammad Kashif, Waqqas Malik and Aadi.

All three co-founders are equally popular among students. However, it is Mohammad Kashif, who is a bit ahead of the rest two. He is reportedly known as the face of the channel, Dear Sir, and if a report is to be believed, he earns an estimated sum of Rs. 4 lakhs per month. The surreal alleged salary makes Mohammad Kashif one of the highest-paid YouTube educators in India.

Aman Dhattarwal

Aman Dattarwal is among the youngest YouTube educators in India. The young teacher has a massive fanbase on social media. As per reports, Aman runs a series of successful YouTube channels like Apni Kaksha, Apna College, Apni Kaksha JEE (Aarambh) and Hustlers Bay, along with his personal YT channel. He started his YouTube channel by his name back on December 11, 2014, and today, he has 4.35 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Apart from educating students through his YouTube channels, Aman Dattarwal also guides students across India as a guest speaker at various colleges and institutes. According to some reports, the famous online teacher earns up to 15 lakhs per month.

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Gagan Pratap Maths’ founder, Gagan Pratap

Mathematics is one of the most fearsome subjects in India, and it is one of the reasons why you will find so many maths-centred educational channels on YouTube. While the quantity catering mathematics is quite high, the quality isn’t impressive. However, whenever we talk about maths and YouTube in one sentence, Gagan Pratap’s name comes into our minds within seconds.

On April 20, 2017, Gagan Pratap debuted on YouTube and started uploading educational videos about competitive exams like SSC bank, government exams, railway exams, and more. As of now, Gagan has 3.88 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. If the reports are to be believed, Gagan reportedly earns an estimated amount of Rs. 30-40 lakhs monthly.            

Khan GS Research Centre’s Khan Sir

During the COVID-19 lockdown, many underrated YouTubers received the fame and recognition they deserved for putting incredible efforts into adding some value to their subscribers’ lives. One such YouTuber was Khan Sir, whose YouTube channel, Khan GS Research Center, rose to fame after some videos of the educator went viral on Instagram. Khan Sir’s humourous way of explaining complex topics made not just common people but also celebrities like Varun Dhawan fall in love with his way of teaching. For the unversed, Khan GS Research Centre has 21.5 million subscribers.

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The popular YouTube educator also appeared on Kapil Sharma’s show, The Kapil Sharma Show, along with Gaur Gopal Das and Vivek Bindra. There’s no denying accepting that Khan Sir is one of India’s most admired and loved personalities, as he teaches underprivileged students for free and does many other social activities to help people in need. If the reports are to be believed, Khan Sir earns an estimated sum of Rs. 15 lakhs per month.

Physics Wallah’s co-founder, Alakh Pandey

Physics Wallah Private Limited, popularly known as PhysicsWallah or PW, is among the most reputed Indian educational technology companies. The ed-tech company was founded back in 2016 by a youngster from Allahabad, who created a YouTube channel by the same name and started educating students through YT videos. After getting a good response to his YT videos, Alakh Pandey, with the help of two other co-founders, transformed Physics Wallah’s YouTube channel into a company.

As of now, it has become a one-stop destination for so many students. From JEE, CA intermediate, GATE, and UPSC to PSC, NDA, and IIT JAM, almost all the big competitive exams are covered by Physics Wallah. Talking about Alakh Pandey’s income, if the media reports are to be believed, he earns an estimated sum of Rs. 7.35 crores per year. PhysicsWallah‘s YouTube channel has 11.1 million subscribers.

What are your thoughts on the income of these famous YouTube teachers in India? Let us know.

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