‘Hitler Didi’ Fame, Rati Pandey Reveals How Once A Director Bullied Her, ‘I Started To Doubt Myself’

The beautiful television actress, Rati Pandey is immensely loved for her stint onscreen. She has been part of several television shows, including Hitler Didi, Miley Jab Hum Tum, Porus, Devi Adi Parashakti, Begusarai, Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai, Shaadi Mubarak, among others. And in each of them, she has swooned millions of hearts with her impeccable acting skills. However, she too, once faced severe bullying by a director, which affected her self-confidence and made her doubt her acting abilities. Now, in an interview, she revealed the same and narrated the incident.

Rati Pandey reveals how she was bullied by a director on the sets

In an interview with ETimes TV, Rati Pandey opened up about being bullied by a director on the sets of a show. The actress mentioned that she got the offer post working in a mythological and historical show, which required her to speak shuddh Hindi. She added that after working on the serial, she also couldn’t easily come out of the character. She said:

“I would not like to name the show. So I did a mythological show. Actually, I did one mytho and one historical show. What happened was when you are doing a mythological show for a long time, you start living that role. I had started to speak in pure Hindi in my day to day life also. I couldn’t switch off from the character. All of a sudden I got offered a socio drama and I didn’t get time to prepare at all. I’d started shooting in a week and I couldn’t stop myself from speaking shuddh Hindi.”

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Thus, when Rati was cast in the new socio-drama, the director of the show wanted some other actress in her place. Due to this, Rati revealed that the director used to yell at her and demean her in front of everyone on the set. Rati added:

“The director of the show wanted another actor for the role but he couldn’t get her. He was like his favourite actress should join the show and not me. But as I was channel and production house’s favourite and also they knew I would be able to pull off the role. This is the first time I’m talking about it and this happened to me recently I guess two or three years ago. To demean and insult me, he would yell at me on the mic in front of the entire unit.”

Rati on the directors’ behaviour mentally breaking her

In the same conversation, Rati mentioned how the director’s behaviour of constantly criticising her performance in front of the entire unit used to affect her mental being. She used to doubt herself after being criticised a lot. Moreover, it gave her sleepless nights. However, she never lost hope and kept working on herself. She revealed:

“The moment I would utter a dialogue, he would interrupt me and say ‘Ye jam nahi raha’. He never used to let me speak or perform. The director is your captain of the show and if he is behaving this way when you have given so much time to the industry. I started to doubt myself as an actress and my potential. I used to go home and just keep thinking about it. I started to have sleepless nights. ‘Main kya acting Bhul gayi hoon, kya Mujhe acting nahi aati’, I started to ask myself. He was doing this to break me, but I didn’t give up. I never retaliated to him and diplomatically handled him for a month. I started to work on myself.”

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Finally, when Rati took a step and walked out of the drama

At last, Rati decided to walk out of the drama, and she narrated the incident when things crossed her limit. Later, the actress thanked the incident and everyone who criticised her, mentioning that it has helped her in personal growth. She concluded:

“Finally one day I had to put my foot down. Mera close laga hua tha and I was totally into the character as it was an emotional scene. The moment he said ‘cut’. I got up and kept the script aside and told him, I’m not doing the show. You can get your actor. On the spot I called up my producer, thanked him for the opportunity and conveyed to him whatever was happening. Later on I was told that he does this to most of the actors to make them unlearn things. In a way I was thankful that this incident happened and it was a learning experience for me. I realised that you should unlearn every time you do a character. Whatever criticism happened it was for my personal growth.”

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