You are currently viewing Imran Khan Talks About Fitness Journey, Accepts Taking Steroids After Being Told He Was ‘Too Skinny’

Imran Khan Talks About Fitness Journey, Accepts Taking Steroids After Being Told He Was ‘Too Skinny’


Imran Khan Talks About Fitness Journey, Accepts Taking Steroids After Being Told He Was 'Too Skinny'

Imran Khan is one of the most famous Bollywood actors. He started his acting career as a child artist in movies like Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak and Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar. Later, he debuted in Bollywood as an adult with the film, Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na. Imran won zillion hearts for his incomparable acting chops in several other movies. However, it was back in 2019 when Imran said goodbye to the Hindi film industry after his fallout with his estranged wife, Avantika Malik. But since the last few months, it’s been speculated that  Imran would make a comeback soon.

Imran Khan opens up about his skinny body type since his childhood and how it wasn’t accepted as a hero

Taking to his IG handle, Imran Khan has been sharing some unheard anecdotes about his life in Bollywood lately. And yet the same happened again, as the actor recently accepted taking steroids. Imran dropped a bunch of his throwback pictures and revealed that since his childhood, he used to be skinny. He also revealed how, in his teens, his friends used to hit the gyms while he used to wear S-size T-shirts.

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In his long note, Imran Khan further mentioned that the lead role of ‘Jai Singh Rathore’ in his debut film, Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na didn’t need to look muscular, but he was somehow convinced that he was looking too skinny, which is why ‘Jai’ had to wear double layers of clothes throughout the movie. Going further, in his note, Imran stated that he started going to the gym during his second movie, Kidnap. The actor further added that he used to work out regularly and tried his level best to maintain his body. Still, he would have to listen to several comments. Sharing more details about the same, Imran mentioned:

“I was convinced that I was too skinny, which is why Jai mostly wears two layers of clothing throughout Jaane Tu. For my next film, Kidnap, I hit the gym in earnest, and began my journey with body building. Over the next few years, the sculpting and maintenance of my body became part of my lifestyle. I worked out regularly, but still I would hear “So… you’ll bulk up a bit before we start shooting, right?”; “You’re looking weak”, “You look like a little boy, not a man”, and “The heroine looks bigger than you” (ouch for both of us!).”

Imran Khan admits that he took steroids to have a firm, muscular body

Imran Khan mentioned that in his point of view, he looked fine, but he was too insecure, which is why he tried even harder and even took steroids along with his diet and regular exercising. Imran revealed:

“6 meals a day, totalling 4000 calories. Chicken breast, egg whites, sweet potato, oats, flax seeds… all good stuff, but still not enough to make my biceps look like the heroes I saw onscreen. No, for that I needed to supplement with whey protein, creatine, leucine, glutamine, L-carnitine… and ultimately, even anabolic steroids. Shock and horror! We’re not supposed to admit that part out loud, it could totally ruin the illusion!”

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Imran Khan on how people speculated about his drug abuse because of a skinny body while suffering from depression

In the concluding segment of his note, Imran Khan shared that in the last few years, he went through depression, which is why he stopped working out, leading him to become skinnier. Speaking along the same lines, the actor mentioned that his getting skinny grabbed a lot of limelight, and people started speculating about drug abuse. Sharing how he used to feel embarrassed, Imran mentioned:

“In recent years, as I battled depression and stopped working out, I became skinnier than I’d ever been. When I was photographed, it sparked a media discussion about my wellbeing, and speculations of drug abuse! I felt deeply ashamed, embarrassed to be seen by anyone in this state. So I retreated further.”

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