Is ‘King The Land’s Yoona The Best Chef In Her K-pop Group, ‘Girls’ Generation’? Details Inside

K-pop girl group, Girls’ Generation has recently been in the news for all the good reasons, from creating hit albums like Forever 1 to doing exceptionally well in their careers. The eight girls are outshining themselves with each passing day. One of their members, Yuri, hosts a cooking show, Yuri’s Winning Recipe, where she reveals who amongst them is the best chef and who can barely make cereals.  

Cooking is both a life skill and an art, depending on the person’s proficiency. Some cook to relax and unwind from their hectic schedule, while some stick to the basics to cook something edible to fuel their day. In the recent episode of Yuri’s Winning Recipe, Yuri ranked all her group mates based on their culinary skills. Read on to find who amongst them is the real chef.

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#8. Hyoyeon

The one with the least culinary skills and who lies at the bottom is Hyoyeon. Yuri divulged that, being in the same group over a decade and a half, she had never seen Hyoyeon cook for even once. The only thing Hyoyeon is capable of ‘cooking’ is cereals. However, the vocalist loves to eat and often indulges in convenience store food. 

#7. Tiffany

For similar reasons as Hyoyeon, Yuri ranked Tiffany in the seventh position. Tiffany rarely is seen cooking, however, as per Yuri, Tiffany has the required skills and, someday in future, may end up making something delicious. Yuri can picture that happening soon, but till then, she can only hope.

#6. Taeyeon

Next, Yuri ranked Taeyeon in the sixth position. Yuri didn’t elaborate much on why she ranked Taeyeon at sixth. However, once Tiffany revealed that Taeyeon could only cook cereals and later divulged that she was learning how to cook, it’s safe to say that the cooking lessons might have worked.

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#5-4. Seohyun And Sunny

Yuri clubbed the fifth and fourth ranks together and ranked Seohyun And Sunny on them. She did not clarify who ranks in what position, so it’s safe to gauge that the duo have the same culinary skills. Seohyun has also previously shared some of her self-cooked dishes on social media, so we guess the two are pretty decent at cooking.

#3. Sooyoung

Surprisingly, Yuri ranked Sooyoung at third and mentioned that the vocalist has improved her culinary skills and can now cook well. She also shared an incident where Sooyoung once forgot to put anchovies to her anchovy pasta but now is a master at it and cooks amazing grilled Deodeok.

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#2. Yuri

Yuri ranked herself at second, which wasn’t out of the ordinary as she has her own cooking show, so it was expected of her to be quite skilled at it. Yuri did not elaborate much on her skills, but the viewers get regular glimpses of her culinary prowess, so it’s a known fact that Yuri aces the game.

#1. Yoona

Yuri ranked King The Land actress, Yonna at the first position and even revealed that Yoona has cooked some masterpieces over the years and fed them all. Earlier, Taeyeon also took to her Instagram and appreciated Yoona for cooking delicious meals for them. Yoona hands down wins the race as the best chef of the group.

We sure are salivating, looking at Yoona’s lemon bread. Let us know if you expected Yoona to be the best chef of the K-pop girl group, Girls’ Generation.

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