Jatin Sharma’s ‘Matsya Nyaya’: A Sonic Adventure Worth Exploring!


Hey there, music enthusiasts and sonic adventurers! We’ve got something special brewing in the world of Indian music, and it’s time to dive headfirst into the soulful sounds of Jatin Sharma’s latest album, ‘Matsya Nyaya.’ But before we plunge into the musical depths, let’s take a moment to unravel the story behind this talented artist and his latest creations.

Jatin Sharma, a native of Lucknow, brings a unique blend of rock, experimental, and electronic rock to the Indian music scene. His journey began with the formation of the band ‘Soul Rebellions’ during his school days, where he gained recognition as a ‘Rockstar.’ However, it wasn’t until he relocated to New Delhi in 2011 that he truly understood the challenges and sacrifices needed to pursue his musical dreams.

Fueled by his passion, Jatin embarked on a journey of self-improvement. He honed his vocal skills under the guidance of vocal coach Ashwati Parmeshwara, delving into Western Classical Music and Opera. With newfound confidence, he transitioned from doing cover gigs to focusing on his original compositions.

In 2016, Jatin released his first official single, ‘Abb Jaago Tum,’ marking the beginning of his solo career. Over the years, he continued to release captivating tracks, including ‘Asmanjas’ (2018) and ‘Bhram’ (2019). But the real sonic revelation came in 2023 with the release of his debut studio album, ‘Matsya Nyaya,’ featuring seven new tracks and three bonus tracks from previous releases.

Each song in ‘Matsya Nyaya’ is a musical journey in itself, crafted with precision and care. From the blues-rock vibes of ‘Kaash,’ which celebrates a place free from discrimination, to the modern electronic rock energy of ‘Daastan,’ which narrates the pursuit of dreams, every track offers a distinct experience. Jatin also dives into gothic rock with ‘Waswasa,’ revealing the whisper of the devil, and tackles hard rock grooves in ‘Nazar Andaaz,’ a commentary on environmental negligence by world leaders.

Despite facing the challenges of a global pandemic that delayed the album’s release, Jatin’s perseverance shines through. He even worked a regular job to fund his dream while crafting this musical marvel. Now, the album is available on all major platforms, with songs dropping every Friday.

So, if you’re ready to embark on a sonic journey that’s a testament to dedication and artistic evolution, give ‘Matsya Nyaya’ by Jatin Sharma a listen. This album is a testament to the never-ending pursuit of dreams and the power of music to transcend boundaries.

In Jatin’s words, “Live and learn,” and with ‘Matsya Nyaya,’ you’ll be doing just that – living and learning through the magic of music.


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