Jiya Shankar On Her Experience Of Being In A Toxic Relationship: ‘Heartbreak Can Hurt Physically’

Jiya Shankar is one of the famous faces of the television industry. The cute actress never leaves a chance to mesmerise her fans with her divine beauty, bubbly nature, and cute smile. However, Jiya is currently bagging immense success for her stint in Bigg Boss OTT 2. For the unversed, Jiya ended up in the sixth position in the show. However, her bonding with her co-contestant, Abhishek Malhan made everyone go gaga over them, and their fans even created an acronym, #AbhiYa. Moreover, amid all these going on, Jiya recently opened up about her experience of being in a toxic relationship.

Jiya Shankar talked about her experience of being in a toxic relationship

In a candid chat with host Siddharth Aalambayan, Jiya Shankar talked about her experience of being in a toxic relationship. The actress also shared what made her leave her ex partners. Talking about the same, Jiya shared that she has been in one toxic relationship in her life.

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The actress shared that initially, her ex-boyfriend never showed his toxic traits, but when she was madly in love with him, that guy showed his real nature of being possessive. Jiya shared that her ex-boyfriend used to question her dressing choice and even doubted her with her co-actors. Elaborating more on the same, Jiya Shankar stated:

“There was only one really toxic relationship that I was in. Initially, he did not show me all these traits and then later after a couple of months, when I was in madly love with him. He started to get very possessive in a way like ‘Why are you wearing this? Isn’t your dress too short?’ or ‘Why were you talking to that guy?’ I was like, ‘I am working, I am on a set, he’s my co-actor. He is literally playing my brother-in-law’. So I went through a lot of these things.”

Jiya Shankar revealed she needed to take the help of a psychiatrist post-heartbreak due to anxiety and panic attacks

Further, in the interview, Jiya Shankar shared how she realised the red flags in a relationship. Talking about the same, Jiya shared that she used to get anxiety and panic attacks, which ultimately led her to consult a psychiatrist. The actress shared that this was the time when she realised that heartbreak can actually hurt physically, too. Speaking along the same lines, Jiya stated:

“When my anxiety kicked in. I never knew what was anxiety. I felt that it was like in general feeling anxious about something. I never knew that panic attacks and anxiety were actually a thing until I experienced it. So when this all started, I contacted a psychiatrist as I needed help. That’s when I also realised that heartbreak can actually hurt you physically. So I just feel anytime you see this red flag, please get out.”

When Jiya Shankar revealed that she was molested as a kid and it impacted her mental health

Earlier, during a candid interview with Pinkvilla, Jiya revealed that she was molested by her family doctor when she was a kid. In the same interview, she also mentioned that after that horrifying incident happened, she had to go through mental torture as well. Jiya shared that when she went to the police station to file a complaint, she was repeatedly asked about the details of the incident.

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Jiya Shankar’s dating rumours with Paras Arora

For those who don’t know, Jiya was earlier speculated to be dating her Kaatelal & Sons co-star, Paras Arora. As per several reports, the duo dated each other for some time. Not only the reports but also their social media posts, cute reel videos, and PDA earned a lot of limelight back in those days. However, both Jiya and Paras never accepted being in a relationship, even after their dating rumours were one of the hot topics among the gossipmongers.

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