Kajol On Her Kids, Nysa, Yug Not Being Afraid Of Doing New Things: ‘They Know Mom’s Got Our Backs’

Kajol is one of the most beautiful and talented actresses in Bollywood. The actress certainly knows how to win millions of hearts with her bubbly nature and top-notch acting mettle. In her professional life, Kajol has been beaming with success with Lust Stories 2 and The Trial. In her personal life, Kajol is married to the love of her life, Ajay Devgn. The duo is blessed with two adorable kids, Nysa and Yug. Moreover, Kajol never fails to prove that she is a doting mom to her kids. And every now and then, she opens up about her parenting style, and undoubtedly, it swoons millions of hearts. And yet the same happened again as Kajol again opened up about the same. 

Kajol shares why her kids, Nysa and Yug are never afraid to do things of their interest

In a recent interview with the Soul Safar with Bhaav show, Bollywood actress, Kajol opened up about her parenting style. The actress shared that both her kids, Nysa and Yug aren’t at all afraid of doing new things as they both know that their mom has their backs. Elaborating more on the same, Kajol mentioned:

“Both my children today are not afraid to try new things or pursue their unique interests. They know, ‘Okay, mom’s got our backs,’ and I assure them, ‘Yes, I’ve got your back. Don’t worry about it.’”

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Kajol thanked her mom, Tanuja for her forward-thinking upbringing

Going further in the same interview, Kajol revealed some anecdotes about her upbringing. The actress thanked her mom, Tanuja, and shared that her mom had the ability to accept everything around her and she never gave her and her siblings any kind of basis. The actress also stated that her upbringing was spectacular. Sharing more details about the same, Kajol stated:

“My mother had this uncanny ability to accept pretty much everything around her. I don’t think she ever gave us a basis for any kind of -ism. Whether it had to do with colour, gender, or whatever. Mine was one of the most amazingly forward-thinking upbringings. We grew up with the fact that everything was okay. Everything was a norm.”

kajol with family

Kajol reveals what advice she would like to give to her younger self

In the same segment, Kajol also asked what message she would like to give to her younger self. To this, the actress shared that she wouldn’t like to do so as if she hadn’t done what she did in her 20s, she wouldn’t be in the place where she is today or wouldn’t be who she is now. The actress also shared that her younger self taught her a lot of things and continues to do so. Talking about her younger self, Kajol mentioned that although she doesn’t want to be like her younger self again, there are certain aspects that she wants to rediscover and incorporate into her current self. 

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When Kajol shared a piece of advice for her kids and asked them to take online trolling with a pinch of salt

Although Kajol is a successful actress in Bollywood and she rules millions of hearts, it often happens that she faces online trolling. Not only the actress, but her daughter, Nysa, often faces the brunt of online trolling. However, in an old interview with the Hindustan Times, Kajol shared a piece of advice for her kids and every other one who gets online backlash. The actress shared that she tells her children not to pay much attention to this and to use their own brains. The actress also stated that she advised her children to have a bit of a sense of humour and not to take this trolling seriously and rather with a pinch of salt.


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