Kajol Purchases New Office In Mumbai, The Lavish Space Comes At A Whopping Price Of Rs. 7.64 Crores

Kajol is one of the most-loved actresses of her generation. She has continued to mark her charming presence in the film industry, courtesy of her bubbly nature and terrific acting mettle. The diva, who has contributed immensely to the film industry, has achieved many new heights through the progress of her career, which includes awards, accolades and luxurious purchases. Recently, Kajol added another new item to her list of purchases, and its price will surely blow your mind away.

Kajol buys a brand-new office space in Mumbai worth Rs. 7.64 crores

As per a recent report in Money Control, Kajol has landed her hands on another office space in Mumbai. The property is located in the Signature Building, Oshiwara, and is sold by Vir Savarkar Projects Private Limited. The agreement marks Kajol’s second property acquisition in the year, and was signed back on July 28, 2023. The property boasts about 194.67 square meters of space, and is priced at Rs. 7.64 crores.

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When Ajay Devgn purchased five office units worth Rs. 45 crores

About a month back, on July 4, 2023, Kajol’s darling husband, Ajay Devgn invested in five office units in Mumbai. The purchased units came at a whopping price of Rs. 45 crores and were spaced in a total area of about 13,293 square feet. Three of the office units are situated on the 16th floor, whereas the other two are located on the 17th floor of the building. The office units are located in the same Signature Building in Oshiwara, where Kajol recently acquired another office space. The official agreement was signed on April 19, 2023.


When Kajol revealed she was a restless bride at her wedding

In her previous interview with Curly Tales, Kajol shared an unheard anecdote from her wedding day with husband, Ajay Devgn. She revealed that although her wedding was entirely planned by her sisters and she was totally relaxed for the most amount of time, however, at point, she turned extremely restless and even instructed her husband, Ajay, to hurry up. In her words:

“While we were doing the wedding also, I’d tell Ajay to tell the pundit, ‘Just hurry up please!’ It was taking so long, and we got married in two customs– we had the Maharashtrian wedding and the regular ‘saath pheras’. I was not stressed out. I was like, just hurry up now, I can’t sit here for too long!”

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When Kajol shared the reason for marrying Ajay, even though he wasn’t as successful as her back then

In one of her old interviews, Kajol opened up about getting married at the peak of her career. She mentioned the real reason as to why she tied the knot with a less-popular actor and clearly emphasised that it felt like the right thing for her back then. Moreover, she added that after working for so many years in the film industry, she needed to find her own calm.


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