Kim Kardashian’s Friend Uploads Her Unfiltered Photo, Exposing Her Bare Skin Without Any Alterations

Kim Kardashian is one of the most renowned personalities in America. Be it her relationships, businesses or fashion sense, the business mogul indeed has cracked the code of being in the news all the time. For the unversed, Kim K successfully runs a skincare brand, SKKN, a consumer and media private equity firm, SKKY Partners, and a shapewear brand, SKIMS. 

Along with her businesses, she is also famous for her acting stint in various reality shows like Keeping Up With The Kardashians and The Kardashians, based on the lives of the Kardashians and Jenners. And being in showbiz has definitely given her the chance to be friends with some of the well-known personalities from the industry and outside. Recently, one of her friends uploaded a photo of Kim K, which immediately grabbed all our attention.

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Kim Kardashian’s friend uploads an unfiltered photo of her on Instagram

Kim Kardashian’s friend, Zachery Dereniowski, has posted a photo of the diva with no filters. For the unversed, Zachery Dereniowski is a motivational speaker with over four million followers on Instagram. He took to his Instagram handle on August 31, 2023, to share his story behind depression. He also posted photos of some other celebrities from the industry, like Post Malone, Kelly Clarkson, Kevin Hart, and Mark Cuban, among others. He captioned his post as:

“17 months ago, depression paralysed me. 16 months ago, I couldn’t get out of bed. 15 months ago I couldn’t clean my room. 14 months ago, I couldn’t fake it anymore. 13 months ago, I couldn’t face the fact that I quit medical school. 12 months ago I questioned if I’ll be lost and purposeless the rest of my life. Stuck in an endless cycle of numbness that felt like purgatory. This past year has proved to me that life can change in an instance if you get out of your own way, have blind faith, and always try to do good. Keep moving forward. You got this. I love you.” 

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Kim Kardashian and her love for filtered photos

Among all the photos on Zachery’s post, Kim Kardashian’s unfiltered photo caught our attention. The 42-year-old billionaire was seen wearing a black crop jacket with a giant ‘50’ painted on it and paired it with black leggings. She completed her look with pink thigh-high boots, which added a contrast to her monochromatic look. The picture was completely unedited, unlike her usual pictures. The 42-year-old billionaire always receives flak from the online community for setting unrealistic beauty standards while she uploads heavily altered and beautified photos. But this time, the photo uploaded by her pal, Zachery, was unfiltered, yet she still was on the receiving end of hatred from netizens.

Netizens are not happy with Kim Kardashian’s photo along with the meaningful message

Zachery Derenioswski’s post got much love from his audience, but some people pointed out that there was no need to share such a meaningful message with the pictures of the celebrities. At the same time, others thought that Kim K was an absolutely unnecessary addition to the post. Well, fame does bring its own set of pros and cons. Check out the comments on Zachery’s post:


Image courtesy: Kim K’ Ig, Zachery’s Ig

What do you guys think of Kim Kardashian’s bare-faced photo? Let us know.

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