Kusha Kapila Admits Being A ‘People Pleaser’, Talks About Dealing With ‘Perception’ Around Her Life

Kusha Kapila is one of the most popular content creators and social media influencers in the country. From making her glamorous debut at the Cannes Film Festival to working in Ekta Kapoor’s film, Thank You For Coming and the Shilpa Shetty starrer, Sukhee the diva has been soaring high on the professional front. However, while on one side, Kusha is adding stars to her list of achievements, on the other side, she has been going through a tough time in her personal life. For the unversed, Kusha announced her divorce from her husband, Zorawar Ahluwalia on June 26, 2023. And since then, she has been receiving a lot of hate on the internet.

Kusha Kapila talks about dealing with ‘people’s perception’ about herself

In her latest interaction with News18, Kusha Kapila opened up about dealing with people’s perceptions about her life. Talking about the same, the diva mentioned that she can’t control what everyone thinks about her and their narratives about her life. Mentioning how being a public figure has its own pros and cons, Kusha stated that she couldn’t make everyone like her because that is how life is. In her words:

“Making sure that people always say nice things about you means you want to be in control of your narrative and how people feel about you all the time. And that’s impossible because that’s not how life is. As much as you want to be in control of your narrative, it can’t happen, especially if you’re in the public eye.”

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Further, in the same conversation, Kusha said that she doesn’t carry the emotional baggage of what people think about her because she can’t change their perception of her. Mentioning how she doesn’t want to regret later in her life that she couldn’t live how she wanted to, Kusha said:

“There’s no point bearing the emotional burden and labour of what people think of you or their expectation from you. I don’t want to be that person who at the age of 50 feels like she didn’t live her life, do what she wanted to do and give it her all. That’s not how I want to live.”

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Kusha on being a ‘people pleaser’

In the same interview, Kusha added that being a Virgo, she has always been a ‘people pleaser’, but now, she wants to change her attitude. The diva mentioned that now, she wants to live and enjoy the present moment rather than thinking about a zillion other things. Kusha added that her goal for this year is to reach a point where she doesn’t forget to enjoy the moment while being aware of the other things in her life.

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When Kusha opened up about receiving hate post announcing her divorce with Zorawar

Earlier, in an interview with Zoom, Kusha had opened up about receiving hate after announcing her divorce from Zorawar. Talking about the same, the influencer mentioned that being a public figure, it was natural for her to receive backlash on the internet. Mentioning how she has the best support system in life, who always protects her, Kusha said that she believes that people will keep on talking about her life, but she, on the other hand, will continue living her life how she wants.  

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What do you think about Kusha’s revelation on dealing with ‘people’s perception’? Let us know!

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