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LUDHIANA: There’s nothing much left of this family. Remnants of the lives and hopes of the three children lie in their classrooms. These comprise a cherished dream of playing basketball, a portrait of Goddess Saraswati and a school test notebook. Saturday was a happy day for Kavilash Kumar (40) and his wife.
They had attended the parent-teacher meeting at Sacred Heart Convent School, Sahnewal where their children studied, and it had gone well. They had beamed at the glowing description of the children’s academic prowess. Life seemed to be taking a turn for the better for the family of this migrant labourer, who moved to Ludhiana from Gaya district, Bihar three decades ago.
They did not even come to know when it all ended. A few breaths of the toxic gas and they were gone. The dead included Kavilash Kumar (40), his wife and three children, Kalpana Narayan (16), Abhay Narayan (13) and Aryan Narayan (10).
School principal Sister Sherin Thomas said, “Both parents and three children attended the parent-teacher meeting. They met all class incharges. I am not able to accept that they are no more. When I came to know, I visited the area but it was cordoned off. “
For the teachers, school notebooks of the children will remain a haunting memory. They said that the children aspired to change their family’s circumstances. Hindi teacher Seema Ratan said she has taught all three of them and the picture of Goddess Saraswati drawn by Kalpana is in the staff room.
“I can’t forget their happy faces,” she said.
Amandeep Kaur, Kalpana’s class teacher said that she wanted to participate in a basketball tournament and attended the winter camp for sports.
“She was an artistic child who wanted to be a doctor. She also wanted to improve the family’s economic status and was working towards it,” she said.
Gurpreet Mangar, Abhay’s class teacher, described him as “a diligent and respectful all-rounder who was always ready to help. ” Aryan’s teacher Monica remembered him as an academically bright student who was eager to help those who struggled with studies.
She said, “Aryan was a loving and cooperative child. He was always ready to learn new things. He not only kept his work up-to-date but also helped slow writers. Whenever a duty was assigned to him, he fulfilled it with great enthusiasm. He will be missed.”

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