Madhubala And Meena Kumari’s Unseen Picture Together Defies Buzz About Cold War Between Them

Madhubala and Meena Kumari can be counted as the legendary markers of distinct eras in the film industry. The duo were known as the undisputed queens of the celluloid, and wooed the audiences with their striking acting mettle. Moreover, they were also known for their unparalleled beauty, which captivated their fans like no other. Interestingly, another ironic fact common between both Madhubala and Meena Kumari was that both of the actresses met with a similar tragic fate, when it came to their love life.

Unseen picture of Meena Kumari and Madhubala engaged in a fun banter with one another

Taking to the discussion portal, Reddit, a user recently shared a few unseen pictures of the two legendary divas, Meena Kumari and Madhubala, from their off-screen bonding. In the pictures, the two of them could be seen in the middle of a fun banter, as they conversated and shook hands. While Madhubala looked ethereal in a white-hued saree, Meena Kumari, stunned in a white saree with a printed border. Their happy picture together seemed to defy all the much-speculated rumours about the two actresses giving one another a cold shoulder and brewing animosity against each other.

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madhu meena

madhu meena

When Meena Kumari hated Madhubala and even wanted to slap her

Well, when we speak about the kind of bonding that the actresses, Meena Kumari and Madhubala shared with one another, we cannot leave out the particular time period in the past, when their lives got complexly intertwined with one another, over the matter of love. For the unversed, back in around 1949, Madhubala was rumoured to be in an affair with Meena Kumar’s husband, Kamal Amrohi. Moreover, she persisted to marry Kamal, despite knowing the fact that he was already married to Meena. Madhubala wanted him to divorce his wife. After she came to know about it, an enraged Meena Kumari wanted to beat Madhubala with her pair of slippers and even slap her.

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Meena Kumari’s tragic personal life with Kamal Amrohi

Infamously known as the Tragedy Queen, Meena Kumari’s real life was nothing less than a bed of thorns. Right after her birth, she was left at an unknown doorstep by her father, since he did not have enough money to pay to the nurse who delivered Meena. However later, he came back and picked her up from where he left her. Speaking about Meena Kumari’s marriage with filmmaker, Kamal Amrohi, it was nothing less than a traumatising prison for her, where she not only dealt with unfaithfulness, but domestic abuse and lovelessness. Finally, it ended with her divorce from Kamal Amrohi, and thereafter, she drowned in alcoholism.


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