Madhuri Dixit Was Forced To Do A Rape Scene With Ranjit, The Actress Was Left Infuriated With Him

Madhuri Dixit is known as the ’90s ‘Dhak-Dhak girl, and she left the entire nation in awe with her screen presence. She is one of those actresses, who made everyone laugh with her and cry with her in her every hit film. In the world of cinema, when there were unrealistic beauty standards set for women, Madhuri flaunted her true self, her luscious curls and her unfiltered laugh. Not many know that there was a time during her acting stint when she was forced to do a rape sequence. 

Madhuri Dixit never wanted to do a rape scene in a film but was forced to do it

During an episode of Annu Kapoor’s radio show, Suhana Safar with Annu Kapoor, the host shared an anecdote about Madhuri Dixit. He said that Madhuri was forced to do the rape scene with Ranjit and added that she could not back out of it. Once a Twitter user pointed out the whole episode and how Annu Kapoor used tone-deaf narration and added how he conveyed the incident with more spice instead of highlighting the issue. 

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The social media user highlighted how her cab driver laughed at Annu Kapoor’s statement, ‘rape toh hoga’, and she further added that the host of the show revealed that the entire crew clapped after the scene. 

The film in question was Prem Pratigya, featuring Madhuri Dixit, Mithun Chakraborty and Vinod Verma in the lead roles. On the other hand, Ranjit played a negative role. According to reports, the scene ended on a sour note as Ranjit tightened his grip around Madhuri and she was left trembling. According to a report by Women’s Era, Ranjit was not leaving Madhuri and the actress was left infuriated and she yelled at him in front of everyone and asked him to never touch her. 

What do you think of this whole episode and ’90s Bollywood films take on forcing actresses to do things, which they never felt comfortable with?

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