Mahira Khan Once Spoke About Her Son, Azlaan’s Special Relationship With Ex, Ali Askari’s New Family


Mahira Khan Once Spoke About Her Son, Azlaan's Special Relationship With Ex, Ali Askari's New Family

Pakistani actress, Mahira Khan is not only loved for her performances on-screen but also for being candid about her life. The 38-year-old tied the knot for the second time, and her fans across the world cannot stop gushing over pictures of the ethereal beauty. Mahira Khan got married to the love of her life, Salim Karim on October 1, 2023. 

Her low-key and minimalistic wedding ceremonies became the talk of the town, and people showered much love on her. Many celebrities from the Pakistani as well as the Indian film industry congratulated the couple on their new beginning. For the unversed, the Pakistani diva was previously married to Ali Askari.

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Mahira Khan once opened up about her son, Azlaan’s relationship with her former husband, Ali Askari’s family

Mahira Khan married her childhood sweetheart, Ali Askari in 2007. The former couple welcomed their son, Azlaan in 2009. However, Mahira and Ali ended up divorcing each other in 2015. However, things between the duo never soured, partly because they co-parent their boy, Azlaan, and also due to the innate respect that they have for each other.

In an interview with the FWhy podcast, Mahira Khan talked to the host about her personal life. She delved into her relationship with her ex-husband, Ali Askari, and the bond Azlaan and Ali’s new family share. Ali Askari got married to Zara Dadabhoy in 2017. She said:

“Ali is married to the loveliest girl right, we respect each other’s partners, it’s taken a lot, but we’re there, Alhamdulillah.”

Mahira Khan even revealed that her son, Azlaan loves her ex-husband, Ali’s son more than her. She said:

“Azlaan says to me, ‘You know I love Zahir more than you’, Really? He says ‘Yes’.  And he means it. I like that he means it.”

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Mahira Khan talked about her former in-laws and the bond she shares with them

In a society, where divorce is considered a ‘taboo’, Mahira Khan always spoke fearlessly about her past marriage and her relationship with her in-laws. In a 2021 interview with Fuchsia Magazine, Mahira Khan discussed her relationship with her former in-laws and how they helped her raise her son, Azlan. She had said: 

“I think that Azlan’s father and their family and my family, we are on the same page, when it comes to Azlan. I’m very close to them, even now, as I have grown up in their house. It takes work, it takes swallowing your pride at times, and it takes trying to understand the other person. And for your child’s sake, you do it. If you’re lucky that people from both sides are good and looking at the child’s well-being and true happiness, then you forget the bitterness.”

Mahira Khan revealed about Salim Karim by quoting a line from her drama, Humsafar

Mahira Khan revealed her relationship with Salim during interviews in 2020, first on Rewind with Samina Peerzada and later on Instagram Live with fashion mogul, Hassan Sheheryar Yasin. As reported by the Pakistani outlet, Dawn, Mahira said:

“There’s a line in Humsafar which I thought was beautiful, where Ashar says to Khirad, ‘Pata nahi tum mujhay kis naiki ke badlay mein mili ho’ (I don’t know which good deed of mine led to you) and I think the same about him. I must have done something good in my life that God has sent him my way.”

Let us know your thoughts on Mahira Khan’s revelation on her son, Azlaan’s bond with her former husband’s family.

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