Mahira Khan Talks About Her Divorce For The First Time, Calls It ‘Very Painful And Difficult Time’

Pakistani actress, Mahira Khan is one of the most talented actresses in Bollywood. The diva never leaves a chance to mesmerise her fans with her jaw-dropping acting mettle and divine beauty. For the unversed, Mahira debuted in Bollywood with her film, Raees in 2017, opposite Shah Rukh Khan, and bagged immense success for the same. In her personal life, the actress got married to her childhood sweetheart, Ali Askari, in 2007. And they also have been blessed with a baby boy, Azlaan. But after eight years of marital bliss, their paradise hit trouble. Although Mahira never talked much about her divorce with Ali, recently, in a podcast, she bared her heart out and talked about it.

Mahira Khan reveals that she went to LA at the mere age of 17 to meet her ex-husband, Ali Askari

In an interaction with Frieha Altaf on her podcast, FWhy, Mahira Khan talked about her divorce from her ex-husband, Ali Askari. The actress revealed that at the mere age of 17, she went to LA as Ali used to live there. Mahira also stated that after going there, things got difficult for her. 

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Mahira Khan with Husband

In the same interview, Mahira also recalled her painful and difficult divorce. The actress shared that after the birth of Azlaan, she knew her marriage was not working. The actress also shared that it was a very tough time to let go of the person who was her childhood sweetheart. Recalling the same, Mahira shared that although during that time she was successful professionally, she was very scared and going through a tough phase. 

Mahira Khan talks about the painful phase of her life before she decided to get divorced

Speaking along the same lines, Mahira recalled the painful experience until she divorced Ali. The actress shared that she felt anxious, and it was like the walls were closing in. Mahira also shared that from the beginning, she knew she would take her child, and she didn’t want to depend on anyone. So it was her work, that stayed with her and became her backbone. Elaborating more on the same, Mahira shared:

“I knew that I would take my child but I knew that I didn’t want to be dependent on anyone, not even my parents. When there was nobody with me, I had my work. It was a huge support.”

Mahira Khan Single Mom

Mahira Khan shared she went through a tough phase for a few years after her divorce

In the same interview, Mahira stated that the first few years after her separation from her ex-husband, Ali, were tough. She mentioned that both of them were two good people and they never had an abusive kind of relationship. Talking about the same, Mahira mentioned that it was like they were two kids who were married and evolved eventually. Mentioning that there was a pressure of going back as well, Mahira shared:

“The first few years were very painful because it was about two good people, it was not an abusive relationship. But it was like two kids had gotten married and sometimes two people evolve differently. There was a little bit of pressure to go back as well.”

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Mahira Khan Husband

Mahira Khan’s ongoing wedding rumours

For the unversed, for a few days, reports have been claiming that Mahira is all set to tie the knot for the second time with the love of her life, Salim Karim, in September 2023. As per the reports, the actress would be having a low-key wedding at a hill station in Pakistan’s Punjab. But no official confirmation about the same has yet been made from the actress’s side.

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