Malarnthum Malaratha HD Song


Malarnthum Malaratha HD Song

Pasamalar (Also known in English as: The Flower of Love) is a 1961 film starring Sivaji Ganesan and Gemini Ganesan. The film was cast in 1961 and directed by A. Bhimsingh. This film is considered to be one of the greatest Tamil movies ever made. Stellar performances from Sivaji Ganesan and Savitri make this movie a pleasure to watch. This movie was a great hit of its time and the melodious songs are a delight to hear to this day. One of the song, Vaarayen Thozhi Vaarayo, is still played in all Tamil weddings.

The movie was produced by Sivaji’s own company Rajamani pictures. The producers were M. R. Santhanam and K. Mohan of the famous Mohan Arts. The dialogues were written by Aroor Das, some of the fiery dialogues delivered by Sivaji make this film memorable. Some of the exchanges between Gemini and Sivaji are exquisite. Kanadasan’s verses touch the heart and bring tears to one’s eyes when listening to the songs. The music director duo of Viswanathan Ramamurthy have created songs which still remain popular to this day. The songs reach new heights with the voices of T. M. Soundararajan, P. Susheela, P. B. Sreenivas, Jamuna Rani and L. R. Eswari. The movie was predominantly shot in Neptune Studios.


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