Meet Kerala’s Famous Agricultural Entrepreneur, Who Drives Audi A4 Worth Lakhs To Sell Spinach


Meet Kerala's Famous Agricultural Entrepreneur, Who Drives Audi A4 Worth Lakhs To Sell Spinach

In recent years, we have seen a magnificent transformation in agricultural entrepreneurship. The sector has been revolutionised with the emergence of technological equipment that has made farming quite easy and attractive for youngsters. The way technology entered the agricultural industry has attracted many young entrepreneurs in recent years. As per the reports, the average income of an agricultural entrepreneur varies between Rs. 3 lakhs to Rs. 10 lakhs annually.

Despite the emergence of so many profitable sectors, agriculture is still one of the major contributors in the country’s GDP. Although there are so many states in India which are renowned for agriculture, but in recent years, Kerala is among the few states that has managed to get the attention of everyone when it comes to agricultural entrepreneurship.

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According to several statistics, in the last 10 years, Kerala has witnessed a significant rise in incidents where we have seen youngsters moving towards agricultural entrepreneurship. With a major focus on organic farming and value-added products, agricultural entrepreneurship in Kerala has shown all signs of success. It has definitely motivated many youngsters across the nation who are thinking of taking the leap of faith by stepping into agricultural entrepreneurship.

Talking about Kerala in particular, there are so many agricultural entrepreneurs in the state, but when we talk about the one who is inspiring so many young students to invest their future in farming, it is Sujith SP. For the unversed, he is the man who broke the headlines and set social media on fire when he was spotted driving an Audi A4, which is worth Rs. 44 lakhs, to sell some vegetables. So, without further ado, let’s get straight into his story that has shocked almost everyone.

Who is ‘Variety Farmer’, Sujith SP and why he was trending on social media

The famous agricultural entrepreneur, Sujith SP is an avid Instagram user. With a massive fan-following of 203K followers, he is one of the most followed agricultural entrepreneurs in India. His Instagram handle is filled with so many pictures of him working on his farms and sharing an insight into his work. However, on September 26, 2023, Sujith SP took to his Instagram handle and posted a video which broke the internet in split seconds.

In the video, Sujith SP could be spotted driving a luxurious white-hued Audi A4. The entrepreneur stepped out of his car with a big smile on his face and took off his mundu as he was wearing shorts beneath it. After putting his mundu inside the Audi A4, he also removed his sandals and spread a white mat on the floor. As people watched him with wide eyes, he started placing his home-grown spinach on the white mat and started selling it like any other greengrocer in the world.

Click here to watch the video.

Soon, in the video, we could spot many people buying the spinach from Sujith SP, and by the end of the video, he zoomed off in his Audi A4 after donning his mundu and sandals. The video went viral on Instagram, and as of now, on September 30, 2023, Sujith SP’s IG reel has 8.6 million views and 461K likes and 2,159 comments.

The agricultural entrepreneur received positive feedback on his Instagram reel. While some lauded him for his humility, most of the netizens praised him for encouraging young people to take agriculture as a serious business module.

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Sujith SP’s journey from a cab driver to an agricultural entrepreneur

Before making it big as an agricultural entrepreneur, Sujith SP worked as a cab driver for many years. However, one day, he decided to enter the sector of agricultural entrepreneurship world. But because he had no prior experience in the same, he was quite sceptical about his decision to leave his job as a cab driver to get into the farming business.

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It wasn’t easy, but Sujith SP took the leap of faith, and all he had were the tools of determination and courage. Well, the two tools worked magnificently for Sujith SP, who has inspired so many youngsters not just in Kerala but across the country to try their luck in agriculture. Apart from his professional life, not much is known about Sujith SP’s personal life, as he has dedicated his IG handle to vegetables and everything related to agriculture.

What are your thoughts on Sujith SP’s inspirational journey? Let us know.

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