Naseeruddin Shah Shares His Mom’s Reaction About His Wife, Ratna Pathak Not Converting To Islam

Naseeruddin Shah and his wife, Ratna Pathak make for one of the most adored couples in Bollywood. The veteran actors have left behind a legacy of great filmography, that cannot be matched up by anyone else. For the unversed, the duo crossed paths during their learning years at the National School Of Drama, and fell in love with one another. Despite being from different religious faiths, and the fact that Naseeruddin was previously married once, it did not deter them to jumping into the bliss of companionship. The duo, who got married in 1982, is blessed with two sons, Imaad and Vivaan.

Naseeruddin Shah’s open letter reveals his mother’s reaction to his interfaith marriage with Ratna Pathak

Naseeruddin Shah recently published an open letter with the National Herald, where he revealed unheard anecdotes from his personal life, specifically about his interfaith marriage with Ratna Pathak. The talented actor recounted how his mother at first was taken aback as to why Ratna didn’t change her religion post-wedding, but later understood the former’s firm affirmation on not doing so, being her voluntary choice. Naseeruddin mentioned:

“As it happened, the subject of my wife Ratna converting to Islam was brought up just once by my mother and that as enquiry, to which on receiving a reply in the negative, she concurred with a ‘haan, mazhab kaise badla jaa sakta hai’.”

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Naseeruddin recalls how an ex-cabinet minister tainted his interfaith marriage with lewd remarks

In the same open letter, Naseeruddin recounted an episode from his life, where after spending 38 years of marital bliss with his wife, Ratna Pathak, he was questioned for his choice of marrying someone outside of his religious faith, to the extent of levying lewd remarks on their marriage. In his words:

“I had no compunctions or hesitation about marrying a Hindu, and vice-versa. I didn’t dream that some put-out-to-pasture spouse of an ex-cabinet minister would, 38 years after my marriage, threaten me with ‘no one said anything when you married outside your religion.”


When Naseeruddin recalled how Ratna’s parents thought he was a drug addict

In his previous interview with the Humans Of Bombay, Naseeruddin Shah recounted how his wife, Ratna Pathak’s parents thought about him, when they got to know that the duo were courting one another. He revealed that they thought him to be an ill-tempered drug addict. Moreover, they even had apprehensions about letting Naseeruddin marry Ratna, since he was a divorcee previously. Nevertheless, Ratna fought her family for him and never gave up on their relationship.

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When Ratna Pathak recalled her first-ever meeting with Naseeruddin Shah

During her appearance in Twinkle Khanna’s talk show, Tweak India along with her sister, Supriya Pathak, Ratna Pathak reminisced about her first ever meeting with Naseeruddin Shah. Ratna revealed that she met him during the rehearsals of a play and was immediately attracted by Naseeruddin’s unique choice of John Lenon-style glasses and that he sported a beard too. In her words:

“In a rehearsal, we were doing a play with Dubey ji and it was called Sambhog Se Sanyas Tak, covers the whole of our life story. Sanyas lena baaki hai, bass. He was wearing these great John Lennon glasses, and I like that, and he had a beard, I love men with beards.”


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