Nayanthara Revealed Why She Doesn’t Give Interviews, Angrily Lashed Out At The Media In Viral Video


Nayanthara Revealed Why She Doesn't Give Interviews, Angrily Lashed Out At The Media In Viral Video

Nayanthara, popularly known as the lady superstar in Tamil cinema, prefers to lead a low-key life. The actress, who mesmerised the audience with her performance in Shah Rukh Khan starrer, Jawan, was absent from the film’s success press meet. While Nayanthara skipped the event due to her mother’s birthday, not many know that she distanced herself from the media years ago. Not only this, the actress has not given any interviews for some years now, and her media appearances have also been limited. 

Nayanthara lashed out at the media in a viral video 

Did you know Nayanthara had once revealed why she took a massive step back from the media and shared that it was because of the distasteful reports written about her? In an old video which surfaced on Reddit, Nayanthara was seen giving an interview to a news channel, Asianet, and broke her silence about her decision to ban interviews. Talking in Malayalam, the actress shared how the media targeted her unnecessarily with unverified gossip, which hurt her and her family.

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Nayanthara revealed how the negative rumours about her affected her family

Nayanthara also opened up about how the Malayalam audience criticised her for doing glamourous roles in Tamil movies, while she portrayed simple but powerful roles in Malayalam. However, the criticism didn’t go well with the actress, and in the same interview, she emphasised on the dynamics of Tamil cinema and pointed out that she can’t play a prominent role in a film headlined by Rajinikanth and Ajith. Revealing how the reports affected her family, Nayanthara said:

“Won’t my family get hurt? What did I do for my family to get hurt? What I am doing is my work. I am doing what my directors are telling me. No one can point out anything in that. Why are you doing glamourous [roles] and not doing homely [roles]. No one has the right to ask all these things. If you like it, you can watch, if you don’t like it then don’t watch. There are so many people who like to watch and who like me. You can criticise but you need to be right about things.”

Nayanthara revealed why she doesn’t give interviews anymore

Speaking along the same lines, she shared that she was also affected by her wedding rumours circulating in the media back in those days. Nayanthara further clarified that she is okay with positive feedback, but when people criticise her for her film choices, she gets pissed off. Talking about the controversies about her life, the actress mentioned that she knows when to give a statement and when to avoid it. In Nayanthara’s words:

“You shouldn’t have done this character this way, or your acting was not to the point, these are proper criticisms. And not the ones who come and say why did you do that, etc. This is why I stopped giving interviews, and when there are controversies about me, I know when I need to clarify, and I will clarify only at that time. Otherwise, I would not say anything. A lot of things are written about me to provoke me, I just simply don’t get provoked. Only when I feel I want to speak about something, only that time I will talk about it.”

To watch the video, click here.

Why Nayanthara was missing from Jawan’s promotional events?

Meanwhile, reports are rife that Nayanthara was upset with Jawan‘s director, Atlee Kumar, and thus, she refrained from attending press conferences and promotional events. However, a source close to the actress rubbished the claims and told the Hindustan Times that Nayanthara had distanced herself from the media due to her past experience. The source was quoted as saying:

“Nayanthara never goes to the films events. She follows a no promotion policy for her films because of her bad experiences in the past when she was misquoted and because she feels that her job is to act and not get involved in the promotional activities.”

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Nayanthara’s marriage and kids

For the unversed, Nayanthara dated Vignesh Shivan for seven years and tied the knot with him on June 9, 2022, in an intimate ceremony. It was Vignesh Shivan who took to his Instagram handle and shared moments from his marriage ceremony with his wife, Nayanthara and announced their wedding to the world. A few months into their marital bliss, on October 9, 2022, they welcomed their twin sons, Uyir and Ulag, into their lives via surrogacy.

nayanthara vignesh

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