Nehha Pendse Reveals She Never Had Maternal Instincts, Adds, ‘I Went Ahead And Froze My Eggs’


Nehha Pendse Reveals She Never Had Maternal Instincts, Adds, 'I Went Ahead And Froze My Eggs'

Nehha Pendse is known for her role ‘Sanjana Hiteshi’ on the popular TV series, May I Come In Madam? Apart from this, she also worked in several Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam, Kannada films and television shows. In 2018, she also participated in the reality show, Bigg Boss 12 but was evicted from the same on Day 29. She was last seen in the TV show, Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai, and now, once again, she made a comeback on the screen with season 2 of the serial, May I Come In Madam? Coming to her personal life, in 2020, Nehha tied the marital knot to a businessman, Shardul Singh Bayas, who has two daughters from his two previous marriages.

Nehha Pendse says how she had to change herself post-marrying Shardul

Now, in an interview with ETimes TV, Nehha Pendse opened up about her married life with Shardul, her wish to embrace motherhood, why she froze her eggs after marriage and many more. She revealed being in a long-distance relationship earlier. However, since she didn’t get the time to be physically present with her previous partner, Nehha shared, “This was the first time I actually fell in love with a man, got married to him and now we are staying together.” She further mentioned how she brought a few changes in herself from a strong-headed person to a more settled one in marriage, she said:

“I had to bring changes in myself. I was leading the life of a girl who is a very strong headed person. I had to change myself. These changes can’t be brought overnight. It was a slow process. The pandemic and my acclimatisation with my marriage was going hand-in-hand and it was a necessary change and it happened beautifully. I can safely say that I’m settled in my marriage and now can concentrate on my work.”

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Nehha mentions that women need the stamp of being married more than men

Further, Nehha talked about the external changes marriage brought to her. Talking about the patriarchal society we live in, the actress revealed that she feels women need the stamp of being married more than men. She added:

“There are many external changes and it is like getting married to a completely new person. I feel marriage is more important for a woman than a man. I feel women are made that way. We must never forget that as much as we want to promote Naari Shakti and want all of that to happen, the sad reality is we are in a patriarchal society. I know a lot of women including myself because inspite of having every possible thing like stability, money, car, name, fame but who do I share it with? We as women need that stamp of being married more than a man. If you don’t need that validation don’t get married but I needed it.”


However, the May I Come In Madam? actress clearly mentioned, “Nobody forced me to get married and it was my urge to belong to someone.” Nehha revealed how she understood that keeping a feminist kind of attitude would never help her find love. Thus, she thought of stepping back and evaluating herself. In her words:

“I realised that always having this feminist attitude is not helping me and I’m offending guys more than they like me. I had the toughest time finding love. You just called me beautiful, glamourous but majal hai Ek aadmi aake Mujhse pyaar ki baatein kare… Meri soch sunkar… men get intimidated that she is beautiful, comes from a good family, earns well and is self dependent. And do you think a man would like a woman like that? When life teaches you rules you start feeling something is wrong. I need to step back and evaluate myself because of inspite of achieving everything, I’m not happy.”

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Nehha says bearing a child is a very big responsibility so she froze her eggs

Finally, Nehha quipped, “I never had the maternal instinct for the longest time. After marriage around a year or two later I started having that maternal instinct and wanted to be a mother.” However, the actress revealed that she was not ready to become a mother at that point in time. Thus, she thought of freezing her eggs and her husband, Shardul too, supported her. She concluded:

“Initially, I thought it was a passing phase, let’s sit on the thought for a while because bearing a child is a very big responsibility for life. I sat on the thought for 8 months and then I felt no this thought is not what I want right now. So then I went ahead and froze my eggs. I felt something was stopping me from having a child right now and my husband told me let’s freeze eggs.”


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