Paras Chhabra Calls His Ex-GF, Akanksha Puri ‘Manipulative’, Talks About Her ‘No Closure’ Comment

Paras Chhabra and his ex-girlfriend, Akanksha Puri often hit the headlines for their relationship. The duo, who were once hailed as an adorable couple in the entertainment industry, had an ugly fallout. For the unversed, it all started when Paras participated in Bigg Boss 13 and got close to his co-contestant, Mahira Sharma. The actor also stated that he had broken up with Akanksha, to which the latter had denied. Moreover, when the actress entered BB OTT 2, she revealed that she didn’t get closure from Paras. And now, finally, the actor reacted to the same and put forward his stance on the matter.

Paras Chhabra talks about his relationship with ex-girlfriend, Akanksha Puri

In an interview with ETimes, Paras Chhabra opened up about his relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Akanksha Puri. When asked about the latter’s claims about not getting closure from him, the actor stated that their relationship ended three to four years ago, and he is done with it. Further, Paras added that he doesn’t wish to talk about his past relationships. Mentioning that everything was over from his side, Paras said:

“Why does Akanksha Puri need a closure from me? Yes, I did get a lot of clips about that episode of Akanksha from my fans and friends. Our relationship was over three-four years back and it is done and dusted. Waise toh I do not intend to talk about my exes, especially Akanksha Puri, since everything is over from my side, but since once again the topic was raised and a lot of people were inquistive to know my side of the story, I chose to reply.”

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Further, in the same conversation, Paras stated that he was surprised that Akanksha was still talking about him even after winning Swayamvar: Mika Di Vohti. He also talked about the red shoes incident that happened when he was inside the BB house. For the unversed, when he was inside the BB house, Akanksha had claimed to be handling his expenses, sending him clothes and expensive shoes, including the red shoes. Talking about the same, the actor revealed that the shoes that Akanksha gifted him and claimed to be worth 80 thousand, were actually a part of a collaboration. In his words:

“I am surprised that after becoming a winner of a show like Swayamvar: Mika Di Vohti she is still talking about me. Interestingly, not many people know that the red shoes that Akanksha had gifted to me when I was in the Bigg Boss 13 house and she had claimed them to be worth 80 thousand, were actually a collab-shoe made by some random guy.”

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Paras also revealed that the person had even asked him for Rs. 2100 when he came out of the show. Mentioning that the shoes were not original, the actor stated that Akanksha had not spent anything on him when they were in a relationship. Paras also talked about Akanksha and Jad Hadid’s kissing controversy and mentioned that initially, she didn’t want to get close to him, but later, she got intimate with him.

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Calling Akanksha ‘manipulative’, Paras stated that she has been using his name and their relationship on the show, but he wants to end the chapter forever. He also stated that he is enjoying being single and loving the new feeling. Adding that he is now able to make friends, which was not possible when he was in a relationship, Paras stated that he has realised that he’s not meant for it. However, the actor said that he believes in the institution of marriage and will get married, when he meets the right person.

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When Akanksha revealed that she didn’t get closure from her ex-boyfriend, Paras Chhabra

During her stint in Bigg Boss OTT 2, Akanksha had opened up about her past relationship with Jad Hadid. Talking about the same, the actress revealed that she got scared of relationships after being with Paras Chhabra. She also stated that her ex-boyfriend participated in Bigg Boss and started liking someone else from Day 1. Adding that she never got closure from Paras, Akanksha said that he maligned her character on national television.

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