Parineeti Chopra’s Stylists Reveal Customisations In Her D-Day Outfit, Talks About The Criticisms

Parineeti Chopra and Raghav Chadha are currently one of the most trending couples on social media. For the unversed, the madly-in-love duo hopped on a new phase of their lives by tying the knot on September 24, 2023, in a grand wedding ceremony in Udaipur. Their wedding pictures were filled with pure love, and ever since they were posted, they started making rounds on the Internet. However, Parinneti’s bridal avatar was also hugely compared to other Bollywood brides like Alia Bhatt and that to Kiara Advani and Sidharth Malhotra’s wedding videos. Now, Parineeti’s wedding stylists, Nidhi Agarwal and Shraddha Lakhani opened up about the same and also decoded her stunning bridal look.

Parineeti Chopra’s wedding stylists, Nidhi Agarwal and Shraddha Lakhani decode her bridal look

In an interview with the ETimes, Parineeti Chopra’s wedding stylists, Nidhi Agarwal and Shraddha Lakhani curated the diva’s beautiful looks for her wedding and what went behind bringing it all alive. Nidhi revealed that Parineeti never wanted to be an over-the-top bride and said, “She said, ‘I want to have fun. Don’t treat me like a heroine. I don’t want anybody walking behind me, holding my veil, fixing my dupatta. Nothing.’ She said, ‘I want to be as comfortable as I can be. I will not wear heels for any of my functions. I will wear flats. Put me in sneakers if you can’.” To this, Shraddha added that Parineeti wanted to be comfortable in her ensembles and shared:

“Even her mehendi was very minimalistic. She said, ‘It’s okay if I look like a bridesmaid and not the bride. But I want to be comfortable’. There was nobody to hold her veil or lehenga at the wedding, and that’s what she wanted. There are some brides who actually get rid of their veil after walking the aisle. But Parineeti just kept it all through.”

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parineeti chopra's chooda ceremony

Parineeti’s wedding lehenga was not in shades of ivory but rather gold

Although with the official pictures, Parineeti’s lehenga seemed like ivory, her stylists revealed that it was rather in shades of gold. Talking about the same, Nidhi shared, “In terms of colour, we did experiment a little. I would say that we did consider some colours. But finally, even if you follow her otherwise, her aesthetic is very minimal, classy, clean. So, we stuck to that because we know that works best for her. Actually, a lot of people think it’s ivory, but her lehenga is gold.” Further, Shraddha talked about the embroidery and mentioned that it was made in such a way that it would look good in the sun as well as in the evening once the sun sets since it was a sundowner wedding. Elaborating more on it, Sharadda added:

“Even for the embroidery and everything, she was so specific, as to how she likes geometric patterns and how it has to be, it can’t be too clustered – Parineeti was quite specific. So, I feel like overall, it was easy for us because she literally knew exactly what she wanted. She was not confused.”

On the trolling and comparisons of Parineeti’s wedding day look with Alia Bhatt

Nidhi and Shraddha also addressed the trolling and comparisons of Parineeti’s wedding day look with other Bollywood brides. Talking about how her wedding look was compared with that of Alia Bhatt, Nidhi shared that no two brides look the same at their wedding. Thus, sharing how each bride is unique in their way and plans their wedding for a huge long time, Nidhi mentioned:

“I feel like no two brides look the same. I’m not being biased over here, but I personally feel, I don’t think any bride will use some other bride’s photo as reference because everybody is so different. People always know what will work for them. It’s something that you don’t think of overnight, right? I think almost all of us have always imagined this day and we’ve all known, we’ve all known either the colour, the look or the feel and it’s so personal to each individual. I also feel it’s very unfair to troll a bride’s look like this. If I look at all these photos, I don’t feel like one is trying to copy the other.”

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On comparisons between Parineeti’s entry and Kiara Advani-Sidharth Malhotra’s wedding video

Shraddha further talked about how Parineeti’s entry was compared to that of Kiara Advani during the latter’s wedding with Sidharth Malhotra. She mentioned, “Also, the comparisons are far from the truth, which needs to come out. A lot of people are talking about her entry. She sung her own song. Who has done this before?” Not only that, Nidhi talked about the criticism Parineeti received for not wearing a bindi. Reacting to it, Nidhi shared that Parineeti was a cool bride and explained:

“We have extensive trials to decide everything, the entire look and feel. And we just felt like we didn’t need a ‘bindi’ to complete her look. For us, it was complete as it is. I think Parineeti was a really cool bride.”

Stylists reveal the customisations Parineeti had in her wedding and pre-wedding outfits

Nidhi and Shraddha also talked about the unique customisations Parineeti opted for her wedding and pre-wedding outfits. The stylists shared how her shoes, veil, kaleeras and many such elements of her wedding look featured unique personalisation. They shared:

“We worked a lot on the personalization bits. Her shoes were personalized. All her shoes throughout the wedding had their initials at the back along with the wedding date. Then her veil, had Raghav written on it. She wore her naani’s challa since she wanted to feel her presence by her side. And then, for her kaleeras, all her elements were actually customized, keeping their love story in mind. So, it was how they met, where did they meet, what was the first date. Then how did they manage their long-distance relationship. What are the common themes that they write on. All of these elements were then incorporated into her kaleeras.”

Well, we are stunned to know about the curated details from Parineeti’s wedding and pre-wedding looks? What about you? Let us know!

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