Rahul Mahajan Talks About His Divorce From 3rd Wife: ‘I’ve Never Paid A Single Rupee As An Alimony’

Rahul Mahajan, known as a famous television personality, has been going through a challenging phase as his marriage with Natalya Ilina hit a rough patch, and they parted ways. It was last month when reports of Rahul and Natalya’s divorce made the rounds. While some claimed that Rahul wanted a baby, few thought that Natalya was after Rahul’s alimony. Recently, Rahul talked about the alimony and what happened between the two. 

Rahul talked about netizens’ claim that his marriage ended because of his desire to have a baby

Recently, in an interview with Bombay Times, Rahul Mahajan refused to discuss what went wrong between him and his third wife, Natalya. He added that if he opened up about the reason, it would be a one-sided story, and he doesn’t want it. Rahul also discussed netizens’ claim that his marriage ended as he wanted a baby. Rahul clarified and said that he never tried for a baby. He was quoted as saying:

“I did not want baby ever in this relationship. We never tried.”

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Rahul Mahajan

Rahul further shared that he only tried to have a baby with his second wife, Dimpy Ganguly, but they had a miscarriage. He added that he doesn’t even desire to have a baby at 48. He shared

“Only Dimpy and I tried having a baby, and we had a miscarriage. Natalya and I did not have plans for a baby, and neither did I ever desire it. I am 48, I don’t want a baby now.”

Rahul Mahajan wedding

Rahul also clarified the netizens’ speculation that Natalya wanted alimony. Rahul shared that he never paid a single rupee as an alimony in all three divorces. He stated that all his divorces were mutual. Rahul, a former captain, revealed that he never thought he would get multiple divorces. He added that sometimes things happen, and there are no reasons for it.

Rahul and Natalya’s life so far

For the unversed, Rahul Mahajan tied the knot with Natalya Ilina, who is a Kazakhstan model, on November 28, 2018. However, the wedding was intimate, and Rahul had tried keeping his relationship away from the media glare for the longest time. According to reports, Natalya left Rahul last year, and they officially divorced each other this year.

We hope Rahul gets over this challenging phase of his life soon! 

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