You are currently viewing Rajesh Khanna’s Car Would Be Covered In Lipstick Marks, His Co-star, Kiran Kumar Recalls His Stardom

Rajesh Khanna’s Car Would Be Covered In Lipstick Marks, His Co-star, Kiran Kumar Recalls His Stardom


Rajesh Khanna's Car Would Be Covered In Lipstick Marks, His Co-star, Kiran Kumar Recalls His Stardom

Late superstar, Rajesh Khanna was hailed as the first superstar. After so many years, he is still remembered for the magic he cast on the ladies. He wasn’t just an exceptional actor, but also a man with undefined charm. His female fans were crazy ab out him and when he got married, they had written love letters with blood for him. Recently, his co-star, Kiran Kumar recalled his superstardom and unknown anecdote.

Kiran Kumar recalled how ladies were crazy about Rajesh Khanna

Recently, in an interview with Siddharth Kannan, Kiran Kumar opened up about Rajesh Khanna’s stardom, which he had witnessed. The yesteryear star recalled that he was working with him for the film, Savera. He added that wherever Rajesh Khanna’s car would be parked, his female fans would leave lipstick marks all over it. Kiran was quoted as saying:

“I was working on a film called Savera. Kaka’s secretary was producing it, Kaka bankrolled it. It was basically Kaka sahab’s film. In the evenings, we’d go over to his house. It was called Dimple. He was a fabulous host; few could rival him in that department. I’ve never seen stardom like his, believe me. Salman Khan comes close, but the stardom that Rajesh Khanna had, nobody had. His car would be covered in lipstick marks wherever it was parked…”

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Rajesh Khanna And Anju Mahendru Love Story

When Rajesh Khanna’s best friend revealed that his ex-girlfried, Anju Mahendru was present with him when he passed away in 2012

It is said that once you love someone, you cannot unlove it. Well, it stands true in the relationship between Rajesh Khanna and Anju Mahendroo. The ex-couple stopped talking to each other, but it was during the last days of Rajesh Khanna that they rekindled their love. Earlier, in an interview with Zoom Entertainment, Rajesh Khanna’s best friend, Bhupesh Raseen revealed the day when Rajesh Khanna passed.

Rajesh Khanna And Anju Mahendroo

Bhupesh Raseen called it the saddest day of his life and revealed that Rajesh Khanna’s son-in-law, Akshay Kumar and was sitting by his feet when his pulse was dipping. He also added that Rajesh’s ex, Anju Mahendroo was also present in the room, and she was standing by the door. Bhupesh was quoted as saying:

“Yes, that was the saddest day of my life. I remember Akshay Kumar and I were by his feet and his pulse was dipping. Twinkle and Rinke were on his other side. Dimple was near his daughters. Anju Mahendru was also in the house, near the room’s door.”

What do you think of Rajesh Khanna’s crazy fan following?

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