Raveena Tandon Says She Never Hid Past Relationships From Her Children: ‘It’s An Open Book For Them’


Raveena Tandon Says She Never Hid Past Relationships From Her Children: 'It's An Open Book For Them'

Raveena Tandon is one of the much-loved actresses in Bollywood. The diva rules millions of hearts with her divine beauty and incomparable acting chops. Talking about her professional life, Raveena will be next seen in the movie, Ghudchadi. In her personal life, Raveena got married to the man of her dreams, Anil Thadani, in 2004. Together, the duo have four children, Pooja and Chaya, Rasha and Ranbirvardhan. However, in a recent interview, the diva revealed an unheard anecdote about her motherhood journey, which speaks volumes about her strong bond with her children.

Raveena Tandon reveals she never hid anything about her past relationship from her children

In a recent interview with Lehren Retro, Raveena Tandon shared that she never hid her past relationships from her children, and she has been quite open about the same. Mentioning why she opted for such a decision, Raveena shared that as she is a public figure, the details about her life are already out there. Thus, there remains a possibility that her kids would read about their mom’s life anytime. Raveena also stated that during the 90s, ‘yellow journalism’ was at its peak and had no morals. Elaborating more about the same, Raveena stated:

“It’s an open book for them. If not today, tomorrow they will read about it somewhere and they might read something worse, because you know how the ’90s press was. It was yellow journalism at its peak. They had no scruples, no morals, no integrity.”

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Raveena Tandon

Raveena Tandon talks about the ‘yellow journalism’ of the 90s

In the same interview, Raveena Tandon talked about yellow journalism in the 90s. The actress shared that during that time, no actor or actress had the power to control their narrative, and they were always at the mercy of the editor. Raveena mentioned:

“Whose camp they were in or whom they were buttering up or which hero or heroine was buttering them up, they would only write about them, and their side of the story, without even waiting to find out what the truth was.”

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Raveena Tandon also stated how she was slut shamed and body-shamed by such tabloids. The actress stated how during that time, pet names were given to everyone. Recalling how she was called ‘Amazonian’ and ‘thunder thighs’, Raveena shared:

“They sl*t shamed, they body shamed, they called you names. There were pet names given to everyone and the more scandalous the story, the worse they would write. I’ve been called so many things, ‘Amazonian’ and ‘thunder thighs’, ‘Ms Arrogant’, ‘Ms High and Mighty’, so many.”

When Raveena Tandon revealed that her husband always knew about her adopted kids from the beginning

For those who don’t know, Raveena was 21 years old when she adopted her cousins’ daughters, Pooja and Chaya, who were 11 and 8, respectively. However, in the same interview, the actress shared that her husband, Anil, knew everything about the same from the beginning, and he even thought this to be wonderful. Sharing what kind of relationship Pooja and Chaya share with Anil, Raveena said that her hubby has always been involved when it came to her daughters’ financial decisions, and her daughters call their father whenever they need any kind of help.

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Raveena and Anil

Raveena Tandon’s past relationship

One of the much-talked-about relationships of Raveena Tandon was with Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar. They were considered to be one of the hottest couples at that time. The ex-couple’s on-screen chemistry paved the way for their offscreen romance, which led to their engagement. However, things didn’t work out well between the ex-couple, and they called their engagement quits. Fast forward to today, both Raveena and Akshay are living the best phases of their lives with their respective partners.


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