RIIZE’s Seunghan Apologises For The Intimate Photo Controversy, Netizens React, ‘Don’t Need To…’

The K-pop boy band, RIIZE is all set to debut in September 2023. However, even before the group’s debut could create any buzz, a controversy related to one of its seven members, Seunghan, caught everyone’s attention. The 19-year-old got entwined in a nasty controversy where his photos with his underage ex-girlfriend (whose name is unknown) surfaced online. The photos show the ex-couple in intimate positions while posing for the camera.

In one of these photos, Seunghan can be seen kissing his ex-girlfriend on a bed, although the face of the girl is not visible in the photos. The rumour that the ex-girlfriend in question was not of legal age when the images were taken added fuel to the existing fire. Netizens were quite upset with their new idol and expressed their anger over such sensational photos of Seunghan and his ex-girlfriend.

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Seunghan apologised to his fans for his prior actions

Hong Seung Han, aka Seunghan, finally broke his silence over the whole controversy and addressed the issue in a post uploaded to the official Instagram handle of the group, RIIZE on August 30, 2023. Seunghan apologised for the controversy surrounding him after netizens disclosed rumours about his previous relationships. He said in the post:

“Hello, this is RIIZE’s Seunghan. I thought I should say something before I stand in front of our fans, so I have written this. I would like to sincerely apologise to the fans who have supported RIIZE.”

Seunghan further mentioned that the recent controversy proved to be harmful to his boy band, RIIZE’s image, just ahead of their debut. He said:

“Due to my personal issues, I caused harm to the team at a very important and critical moment ahead of our debut and disappointed the members and staff. I am also feeling regretful for not being able to apologise quickly because I was scared and anxious. With no room to blame anyone or make excuses, all of this happened because of my imprudence, and I reflected a lot on my past time and actions.”

Seunghan also added that he feels remorseful for his past actions, and moving forward, his main focus will be to behave appropriately under all circumstances. He said:

“From now on, I will prioritise the team, RIIZE. I will behave more carefully not only on stage as RIIZE but also in all circumstances I encounter. I will do my best so that you can feel my sincerity toward the team and fans through my actions. I apologise once again. Thank you for reading this long post.”

Netizen’s reaction to the whole controversy and Seunghan’s apology

Fans of the rookie group, RIIZE poured in support for the vocalist, Seughan. While some fans questioned the legitimacy of the photographs, others acknowledged that idols have lived before their debuts and that netizens should treat celebrities as humans. One of the fans said, ‘U don’t need to apologise.’ Check out the other comments:

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SM Entertainment broke their silence over Seunghan’s controversy

Even Seunghan’s agency, SM Entertainment, addressed the situation and supported its member, Seunghan, saying that it would take legal action against the individual who allegedly tried to tarnish the image of the band member. In an official statement, they said:

“Recently, private photos of RIIZE members have been posted online without their permission on social media and online communities. Unauthorised leakage and distribution of such media is clearly illegal, and we are collecting data on the individuals who posted the pictures through Kwangya119 and other data monitoring. We will also collect data on secondary transmission of the pictures, such as reposting, redistributing, and further spread. We will file a complaint against any confirmed individuals who have committed a crime, so please be careful not to get involved in such an unwelcoming situation.”

After social media users found pictures of Seunghan and his then-girlfriend kissing in bed, it was reported that he would not participate in RIIZE’s scheduled events. After this discovery, people on social media began speculating about whether Seunghan would continue to be a part of RIIZE. But Seunghan’s latest apology cleared the air around this rumour, and the entire group is set to debut with their first single album, Get A Guitar, on September 4, 2023.

Image courtesy: RIIZE’s Ig

We hope that people realise that K-pop idols have lives of their own and they have every right to lead it their way. What do you guys have to say about this whole controversy?

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