Saira Banu Talks About Her First Film With Dilip Kumar, Adds, ‘For Me It Is Like A Dream Come True’

Saira Banu and late Dilip Kumar are hailed as the ‘IT’ couple in Bollywood. Their love and chemistry served as an inspiration for millions. Currently, the veteran actress has been hitting the headlines for her social media posts. She recently made a debut on Instagram and has been sharing some lesser-known anecdotes about her and Dilip Kumar’s life. For the unversed, the duo first met when Saira was just a 12-year-old girl. Moreover, she was the biggest fan of Dilip Kumar. After living a blissful married life for 55 years, their togetherness came to an end when Dilip Kumar left for his heavenly abode on July 7, 2021.

Saira Banu recalls working with her late husband, Dilip Kumar for the first time

On August 28, 2023, Saira Banu took to her Instagram handle and dropped some stills from her film, Gopi. For those who don’t know, Gopi was the first film, where Saira and Dilip Kumar worked together. In the pictures, the chemistry between the duo looked simply unmissable. Sharing the pictures, the veteran actress penned a long note and recalled her experience of working with the legendary actor for the first time. Talking about the same, she mentioned that it was a dream come true moment for her as she was madly in love with the actor since the age of 12. In her words:

“When I talk about ‘GOPI’, for me it is like a dream come true. I think the whole world knows by now that I have been madly in love with Sahib since I was a twelve-year-old girl when I first saw him in ‘AAn’ at a special screening in London, and then I had the good fortune to repeatedly see him in person at venues and functions in Mumbai.”

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saira banu

saira banu

Further, in her note, Saira mentioned how after she debuted in the acting industry with the film, Junglee, she was bestowed with the opportunity to work with the finest actors of that time. The veteran actress further added that despite all of this, she was not able to work with Dilip Kumar as he refused each film he was offered opposite her. Mentioning the reason behind the same, Saira revealed that Dilip Kumar had seen him grow up, so he would always refuse the film by saying, “She is too young and I have seen her growing up.”

saira banu

In the same conversation, Saira recalled how God was happy on her as she was provided with the opportunity to work with Dilip Kumar on the film Gopi after they got married. She further added that during their first shot, she was really nervous as she was working with the “Shahenshah of Acting.” Elaborating more about it, she said:

“You can imagine my state of sharing the same space and the same frame with the Shahenshah of Acting whom I have idolised and dreamt of working with. In our first shot together, I felt that the earth would part and the sky would shake with thunder, the way I was nervous.”

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saira banu

Saira then revealed how she had many rehearsals with director, Bhim Singhji and writer, Rajender Kishenji. She also added that when she was not able to give the perfect shot, Rajender Kishen made her understand that rather than being in the shadow of Dilip Kumar, she should be herself. She concluded her note by saying that Dilip Kumar helped her finish the shooting with great satisfaction. An excerpt from her quote can be read as:

“Something was not going right for me with my performance and soon Rajenderji called me over, made me sit and said “Beta you are doing very well and you are Saira Banu, you try and be yourself when you say the dialogues. You are standing in Dilip Kumar’s shadow, trying to deliver your lines like him. Don’t do that, relax your shoulders and be youself! Act as your own self!” Ultimately with great help, patience and gentle understanding from Sahib, I performed the scene to satisfaction! ‘GOPI’ will always be special to me all my life.”

saira banu

What do you think about Saira Banu’s revelation about her first film with Dilip Kumar? Let us know!

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