You are currently viewing Sajal Ali And Pakistani Netizens Criticize The Integrity And Ethics Of ‘Lux Style Awards’ Winners

Sajal Ali And Pakistani Netizens Criticize The Integrity And Ethics Of ‘Lux Style Awards’ Winners


Sajal Ali And Pakistani Netizens Criticize The Integrity And Ethics Of 'Lux Style Awards' Winners

The Pakistani entertainment industry witnessed its biggest awards night on October 6, 2023 as the Lux Style Awards honoured the artists for their steller performances. A long list of celebrities were honoured on this special night with glitz and glamour. However, the awards night and its winner list did not sit well with Pakistani netizens and popular actress, Sajal Ali.

Sajal Ali is one of the leading actresses of Lollywood who has delivered impeccable performances in dramas like Aangan, Yakeen Ka Safar, Yeh Dil Mera, Sinf E Aahan, Kuch Ankahi and Ishq E Laa, among others. The actress was severely disappointed over the LSA’23 winners and expressed the same through her Instagram stories.

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Sajal Ali questions the Integrity and ethics of Lux Style Awards 2023

Sajal Ali took to her Instagram to express her disapproval over the distribution and nominations of the Lux Style Awards. The Mom actress put up a story stating that award shows are an excellent way to acknowledge artists, but LSA repeatedly ignores good artists and sidelines them. She further alleges that LSA should at least nominate actors who are not so popular and not just run after the popular actors and shows.

Secondly, Sajal points out that LSA rarely acknowledges a show’s crew and technical members. The people who work behind the scenes and contribute significantly to make the show a success deserve acknowledgement and appreciation.

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Sajal Ali even added that LSA and other award shows should start having specific categories for support actors who help to shape the drama’s plot in the desired structure. A drama will fall flat without the supporting actors, Sajal further added and questioned LSA why the drama, Jo Bichar Gaye, was not even nominated for the awards despite its stellar plotline and performance.

Netzines are equally disappointed with the Lux Style Awards

Pakistani Netizens seem to agree with Sajal Ali’s point and even say that ‘LSA is a joke at this point’. YouTube channel, Something Haute reviewed LSA’23 and netizens in large numbers took to its comment section to criticize the credibility of the awards and declare that only Yumna Zaidi and Bilal Abbas were the deserving winners. Check out the comments:

Let us know your views on Sajal Ali’s outlash towards the Lux Style Awards 2023.

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