Sanjay Dutt’s 1st Wife, Richa Sharma’s Last Letter Resurfaces, Hints At Her Being Mentally Harassed

Sanjay Dutt is often regarded as ‘Controversy’s favourite child’. His first marriage to the late actress, Richa Sharma garnered a lot of limelight back in those days. The duo reportedly started having troubles in their marital bliss soon after their wedding. Richa was stricken with cancer, and finally, on December 10, 1996, she took her last breath and died at her parent’s home in New York. She was survived by their daughter, Trishala Dutt.

Sanjay Dutt’s first wife, Richa Sharma’s last letter before her death

Sanjay Dutt filed for divorce from Richa Sharma in 1993, and soon several speculations about the reason behind the same swirled. While some sources attributed it to Richa’s terminal cancer, others claimed that Sanjay’s proximity to Madhuri Dixit was a key factor in their separation. Now, Sanjay Dutt’s first wife, Richa Sharma’s last letter before her death has been shared on Reddit. The viral post mentioned that Richa penned the letter and she suffered from mental harassment due to the rumours about Sanjay and Madhuri’s romance.

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Richa Sharma was mentally harassed as Sanjay Dutt’s link-up rumours with Madhuri Dixit surfaced

In the letter, Richa Sharma penned her heartwrenching emotions about being left in a dead-end street. Although she knew that there was no going back for her, she confessed that she still had hope in her heart. The note in her handwritten letter could be read as:

“We all walk together. Each one chooses their own path. I chose mine. But I am left in a dead-end street. How do I go back? Do I get another chance? Time tells all. I’ll wait even if it takes long. I know deep inside there is no way I’ll be left behind. I still have hope. My guardian angel will take me some place where my dreams will be waiting. They will welcome me in with their arms open with care.”

Sanjay Dutt’s biopic, Sanju has no mention of his first two wives, Richa Sharma and Rhea Pillai

After Richa Sharma, Sanjay Dutt got married to Rhea Pillai in 1998, after proposing to her on Valentine’s Day. But the duo parted ways in 2005, and later, Maanyata Dutt entered the actor’s life. Fast forward to today, Sanjay is now successfully married to Maanyata and has two kids, a son, Shahraan and a daughter, Iqra. When Sanjay Dutt’s biopic, Sanju was released, fans were shocked to see that the film had no mention of Richa Sharma and Rhea Pillai. However, the filmmaker gave the credit of being a calming influence in Sanjay’s life to Maanyata Dutt.

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Netizens called out Rajkumar Hirani for omitting Sanjay Dutt’s first wife Richa Sharma in Sanju

As soon as the letter was shared on the discussion portal, people started blaming filmmaker, Rajkumar Hirani, for using Sanjay Dutt’s biopic, Sanju for whitewashing. They also slammed him for omitting the actor’s first wife, Richa Sharma from the film. A netizen wrote, “Sanju was nothing but a PR whitewashing exercise”. Another commented, “That’s the most disgusting part of the movie, leaving out wives and daughters as if they didn’t exist. The second one was creating fake characters to take the blame. The whole biopic is a sham.” Meanwhile, a third user wrote, “They didn’t mention his first wife in his biopic”. 

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Sanjay Dutt’s relationship with Richa Sharma

Bollywood actor, Sanjay Dutt tied the knot with an aspiring actress, Richa Sharma in 1987, and after two years of marital bliss, the couple welcomed a daughter, Trishala, in 1989. However, Richa was diagnosed with a brain tumour, so she moved to New York for her treatment, but she succumbed to death in 1996. After her mother’s demise, Trishala Dutt grew up in the US with her maternal grandparents, whereas, Sanjay got married to his third wife, Maanayata Dutt. 


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