You are currently viewing Seema Pahwa Reveals How Misunderstanding Of A Photograph Began Her Love Story With Manoj Pahwa

Seema Pahwa Reveals How Misunderstanding Of A Photograph Began Her Love Story With Manoj Pahwa


Seema Pahwa Reveals How Misunderstanding Of A Photograph Began Her Love Story With Manoj Pahwa

Veteran actor, Manoj Pahwa got married to popular actress, Seema Pahwa in 1988. Since then, the couple has been living the best phase of their life. They also made their television debut together with the show, Hum Log in 1984. The madly-in-love couple has a son, Mayank Pahwa and a daughter, Manukriti Pahwa. For the unversed, Mayank is married to the daughter of veteran actors, Pankaj Kapur and Supriya Pathak, Sanah Kapur. Now, in a recent conversation, Seema opened up about her love story with Manoj Pahwa, which began due to a misunderstanding of a photograph.

Seema Pahwa shares how her relationship with Manoj Pahwa began

In an interview with Rajshri Unplugged, Seema Pahwa revealed that she and Manoj Pahwa were part of a play much ahead of their marriage. In the play, Aadhe Adhure, they were in the roles of a hero and heroine. And it was during that time when things took a completely different turn. She mentioned that after performing in the play, they had clicked a family photograph, which Manoj took to his home. And without showing it to anyone, he kept it in his room. Seema revealed:

“We took a family photograph in that play. That family photograph was very good and had us along with our two kids from the play. That photo was so beautiful that Manoj and I liked it and we took that photo to our house. People in my family were related to acting, so they understood that this is a photo of a play. When Manoj took it to his house, he didn’t tell anyone, and he kept that photo in his room. After some time, his father went to his room and saw that photo.”

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Further, Seema shared that when Manoj’s father found out about the photograph in his closet, he felt that the actor got secretly married. Then, Manoj’s father wanted him to introduce his wife and kids to his family. However, Manoj was completely unaware of the misunderstanding which had developed in his father’s mind due to the photograph. Seema shared:

“He felt that Manoj was really married, and he had children and he was not telling them! So he was after Manoj to introduce us to his children and wife. Manoj didn’t understand which wife and children he was talking about! Then later he found out that his father thought so because of our picture!”

Seema on how her sister-in-law added fuel to the ongoing confusion

In the same conversation, Seema revealed that afterwards, Manoj’s younger sister, who was studying in school, added fuel to the ongoing confusion. She mentioned that Manoj’s sister took her picture to school to show off that her sister-in-law was ‘Badki’. For the unversed, ‘Badki’ was Seema’s popular character from Doordarshan’s serial, Hum Log. Later, when Manoj’s father passed away, Seema went to the actor’s house as they were in the same theatre group. After that, Seema went to the kitchen to offer help. However, watching Seema making tea in their kitchen created more confusion. Seema added:

“At that time, my sister-in-law’s friends must have come to the house. They saw me in the kitchen. They believed that ‘Badki’ was the sister-in-law as I was making tea in the kitchen. They went to their homes and told this to others. My cousin sister used to teach in a school along with the mother of one of the girls. She told her that you say you are the first cousin of ‘Badki’ but you don’t know that she got married?!”

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Seema mentions how finally she and Manoj became serious

This confusion soon reached Seema’s mother, who got worried that she might have gotten married and not told anyone in the family. When Seema’s mother confronted her, she learned that the confusion had begun due to the photograph. Although the duo didn’t use to talk much at that time, they started having a lot of conversations due to this. Thus, accepting this as God’s signal, they began their beautiful relationship and married each other after dating for three years. Seema concluded:

“Then my mother also get tensed that I might have actually gotten married! Manoj and I did not know that this was happening because of that photo. Later, we slowly came to know that this was the case. Everyone laughed at this. We did not talk to each other much, but because of this photo, we both had a lot of conversations. During that conversation, we felt that it was God’s signal to get married. When we did not have any relation with each other, even then our talks had spread so much. Then we both became a little serious. We had an affair for three years. After that, we got married.”

What do you think about Seema and Manoj’s love story, which began with a confusion for a photograph? Let us know!

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