Shafaq Naaz Talks About Her Relationship And Marriage Plans: ‘I Want To Have A Typical Filmy Shaadi’

Shafaq Naaz is one of the most popular actresses in the television industry. She has been winning millions of hearts with her stellar performances in many hit shows like Mahabharat, Chidiya Ghar, Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, and more. Talking about her personal life, Shafaq likes to keep her personal life low-key. For the unversed, it’s been long since Shafaq has been dating a Muscat-based businessman, Zeeshan. A few months back, reports were rife that the duo would tie the knot and head forward to a court marriage in May 2023. Soon after, another report started hitting the headlines that the actress had called off the marriage owing to some issues, and they broke up. Recently, in an interview, Shafaq opened up about the same and dismissed all such claims.

Shafaq Naaz talks about her ongoing breakup rumours 

In a recent interview with TellyChakkar, Shafaq Naaz opened up about her ongoing breakup rumours. The actress stated that she and her boyfriend, Zeeshan are very much together, and they have been in a relationship for four years now. Talking about the marriage, Shafaq mentioned that although the date for the same was fixed, due to some issues, it got postponed. Sharing more about the same, Shafaq mentioned that she is someone who wants a fat Indian wedding with all the ceremonies. The diva said that in her head, she and her soon-to-be hubby are already married. Speaking along the same lines, Shafaq stated:

“We were always good honestly, and all of that was also happening because it was too much for me and my partner to digest and handle so many people and ourselves what should we do no one wants their wedding to get postponed but both of us are good now, and that’s what matters, Shaadi is just a formality for the both of us and whenever it will be happen, people will know. I am someone who wants the big fat Indian wedding and I want to have a typical filmy Shaadi, all enthu and with big functions. In my head, we are already married and I am happy with that.”

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Shafaq Naaz opens up about her marriage plans 

In the same interview, Shafaq Naaz heaped praises on her beau, Zeeshan, and shared that he is very precious to her. For those who don’t know, Shafaq’s boyfriend isn’t someone from the industry. However, talking about the same, the diva mentioned it’s easy for people to make up stories for the same reason, but Zeeshan never pays attention to such reports. Shafaq mentioned that Zeeshan never questioned her once over media reports or fought with her. Calling her beau sorted, Shafaq shared:

“I get a little angry that what is this statement, like I have not said that, why have they written it in such a way and he is like, it’s okay, leave it, you know how things are, let it be, the calm one in the relationship, and he is very much like that, he is sorted, but when things are falsely portrayed and I am very protective towards the people I love and I love my boyfriend, and as long as they don’t get affected I am okay.”

Shafaq Naaz reveals if she gets affected by people’s views or perceptions about her life 

Going further in the interview, Shafaq was asked about people’s interest in her personal life or if their views and the rumours ever affected her. Talking about this, the diva mentioned that she doesn’t get affected by people’s views about her, which is why she doesn’t get a lot of hatred as well. 

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When earlier Shafaq Naaz talked about the reason for calling off her engagement

Earlier, in an interview with the Bombay Times, Shafaq Naaz talked about the reason for her calling off her engagement. The actress shared that the engagement, followed by the wedding, had to be suspended due to some misunderstandings in their families and as their families had some disagreements. Further, Shafaq was asked if her brother, Sheezan Khan’s arrest, was the reason behind her engagement getting called off. To this, the actress completely denied it and said Zeeshan’s family members actually stood as a strong pillar during the tough times.

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