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Shahid Kapoor Says He Feels Like ‘An Outsider’ Despite Being An Actor’s Son, Talks About Grandpa


Shahid Kapoor Says He Feels Like 'An Outsider' Despite Being An Actor's Son, Talks About Grandpa

Shahid Kapoor is one of the most famous actors in Bollywood. The son of veteran actor, Pankaj Kapur and his first wife, Neelima Azeem, Shahid debuted in Bollywood with the film, Ishq Vishk. Since then, he has been melting the hearts of his fans with his incomparable acting chops. The actor was last seen in the movie, Bloody Daddy. However, in a recent interview, Shahid opened up about his career in Bollywood and also said that despite being an actor’s son, he feels like an outsider in the industry.

Shahid Kapoor on being an ‘outsider’ in Bollywood 

In an interview with Pinkvilla Masterclass, Shahid Kapoor was asked about him doing a few films over the years and choosing selective roles nowadays. To this, Shahid said that he is an outsider from the point of view that his papa was an actor. Shahid said that in the early days of his career, he didn’t tell anybody that he was Pankaj Kapur’s son. Pankaj always told Shahid that he never used his papa, i.e., Shahid’s grandfather’s name to anyone at the beginning of the former’s career. Shahid said:

“I ask myself very often. But everybody’s destiny is different. Everybody’s life is different. The way things come to you will be different. I am an outsider in the industry from the point of view that my father (Pankaj Kapur) was an actor but I never told anybody that he was my dad because I lived a lot in Delhi and I came to Bombay later in life and my father had always told me that, ‘Beta maine kabhi kisi ko nahi bataya ki mere father kaun hai, toh tum kyu bologe. Kaam se dikhao. Let your work prove to people that you are worthy. Not your name.’ So of course I have come from a family of acting but my father was the first actor in the family, first of all.”

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Shahid Kapoor talks about his grandpa

Further, in the interview, Shahid Kapoor talked about his grandfather. Talking about his grandpa, Shahid said that he was a professor and let Pankaj Kapur come to Bombay to pursue his dreams. Heaping praise on his grandpa for his open-minded nature, Shahid said:

“My grandfather, my dadaji was a professor in a college and extremely supportive of my dad. He had an amazingly open mind for that time, to let my dad to come to Bombay and want to be an actor. It was like ‘What are you talking about’ but he did it.”

When Shahid Kapoor talked about hiding his identity as Pankaj Kapur’s son at the beginning of his career

Earlier, during an interview with Mid-day, Shahid Kapoor talked about hiding his identity as Pankaj Kapur’s son. The actor shared that he wanted to stay loyal to his mom, and although he shared a great equation with his papa, he wanted to make his career on his own. For the unversed, when Shahid was only three years old, his parents got divorced in 1984 after nine years of marital bliss. In the same interview, Shahid Kapoor revealed that he didn’t interact with his dad that much until he was ten years old, and he used to live in Delhi back then; later, he moved to Mumbai. 

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When Shahid Kapoor talked about a traumatic experience when he went out for a pizza with his dad

In an interview with the news outlet, Mid-Day, Shahid Kapoor recalled an incident when he once went out for a little brunch with his papa. During that time, Pankaj Kapurr made all go gaga with his masterclass performance in the show, Karamchand, wherein he played the role of a detective and was called India’s version of Sherlock Holmes. However, returning to the traumatic incident, Shahid Kapoor said that while they were having their meals at Nirulas in Delhi, many people suddenly crowded that place and started offering Pankaj to eat carrots from their hands.


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