Shehnaaz Gill On Her Changed Looks From ‘Desi’ To Sexy: ‘I Can Do Things Beyond Looking Just Desi’


Shehnaaz Gill On Her Changed Looks From 'Desi' To Sexy: 'I Can Do Things Beyond Looking Just Desi'

Shehnaaz Gill is currently one of the most-sought after divas in the showbiz world. After carving a name for herself in the reality show, Bigg Boss 13, Shehnaaz went on to create a name for herself with her big Bollywood debut, Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan. And most recently, the diva is grabbing all the spotlight for her performance in the film, Thank You For Coming, which has re-established herself as a bold and sexy actress.

Shehnaaz addresses her evolution from being the Punjabi kudi to the sexy diva

In a recent interaction with News18, Shehnaaz opened up about her changed looks and personality, post making her film debut, as well as with her recent movie, Thank You For Coming. Well, in the recent time, Shehnaaz has grabbed a lot of eyeballs for her changed fashion picks, which includes bold and risque outfits. Speaking along the same lines, Shehnaaz mentioned that she is just so more than being a regular Punjabi girl-next-door, and can do things beyond everyone’s imagination. In her words:

“People have a certain image of me wearing a certain kind of clothes. Since that has been broken, they’re in shock. They’ll take time to get used to this version of me. Acceptance takes time. It might take some time for them to understand that I can do things beyond looking just desi.”

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Shehnaaz reveals that despite trolling, she reads every audience feedback and comment

Well, while a strong segment of the audience has accepted the diva’s new look and personality, there have been quite a few others who haven’t been impressed. And amidst it all, Shehnaaz shared how she manages to read everything that gets published or written about her, as she wants to know how the world perceives her at large. Shehnaaz mentioned:

“It’s important for me to know everyone’s opinion of me. I want to know what the world thinks of me and how they perceive me. So, I read every comment on my social media. It doesn’t affect me but teaches me a lot. It helps me come up with ideas on how to further trigger their negativity. I love doing the opposite of what people say. I love taking risks. If there’s no risk, there’s no fun. I need my life to be interesting and shrouded in mystery. Every time I see someone saying they don’t like something about me, I want to do exactly that.”


Shehnaaz shares that she doesn’t want people to judge her character based on her clothes

In the concluding segment of the interaction, Shehnaaz spoke about the criticisms she faced on her changed look and avatar, and mentioned how someone’s clothing shouldn’t be a factor for judging their characters. Shehnaaz mentioned:

“I want to tell people that even if they wear short clothes, they shouldn’t feel ashamed or embarrassed if they can carry themselves elegantly. What matters is keeping your innocence intact. People have a perception that a woman wearing a suit has a good character. But clothes shouldn’t be a parameter to assess or judge our character.”

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When Shehnaaz gave a sassy response to her haters

In an earlier interview with B4U Entertainment, Shehnaaz Gill was asked to share her take on her haters. In her response, the diva mentioned that while she has a huge fanbase, she also has a fair share of haters, who criticise and troll her often. However, she added people often think that what she does isn’t her real personality. The actress mentioned that people cannot just digest the fact that she is cute, and revealed that they haven’t seen any personality like her before.


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