Shoaib Ibrahim And Dipika Kakar Struggle With Son To Get His 1st Passport Pic, Apply For His Aadhaar

The adorable couples in the television industry, Dipika Kakar and Shoaib Ibrahim embraced parenthood for the first time on June 21, 2023, with the arrival of their son, Ruhaan. Since then, the doting parents keep sharing cutesy glimpses of their lives, and it is their baby boy, who grabs the attention most of the time. Now, Shoaib and Dipika gave a sneak peek into their struggles to get their son, Ruhaan’s first passport photo. Moreover, the doting mommy also revealed they applied for the little one’s Aadhaar certificate and passport.

Shoaib Ibrahim reveals they finally collected his son, Ruhaan’s birth certificate

On October 6, 2023, Shoaib Ibrahim took to his YouTube channel and shared a new Vlog, wherein he and his wife, Dipika Kakar gave some updates about his first photoshoot for a passport photo mainly required for the little one’s Aadhaar certificate and passport. At the beginning of the video, Shoaib shared that they had finally collected Ruhaan’s birth certificate. For the same, he went to the Khar BMC office and shared:

“Actually, I was supposed to collect it 21 days after his birth but due to being extremely caught up I couldn’t collect it before. Today, I had time so I decided to first complete this work. Now that we had reached Carter Road, I had to take the special dessert for Dipika.”

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Dipika Kakar says that she has already applied for her son, Ruhaan’s passport and Aadhaar certificate

In the same Vlog, Dipika shared that the process of getting a passport and Aadhaar certificate has now become relatively easy. She mentioned that she has already applied for the same and since the process has become hassle-free, a person would come to their home and do the required biometrics. She said:

“I have already applied for Ruhaan’s passport and Adhaar card. We just need to click his picture with a white background and print it into passport-size photos. The person will come home and do his biometric.”

Dipika and Shoaib’s baby boy, Ruhaan’s first photo shoot

Afterwars, Shoaib and Dipika were seen struggling to get their son, Ruhaan’s photo for his first passport photograph. While the doting daddy was seen clicking the photo on his mobile phone’s camera, Dipika made some noise from the side to make the baby boy give a straight pose for the photo. Afterwards, Shoaib held a sound making toy in his hand to grab Ruhaan’s attention so that the picture could come perfect. And after clicking the picture, while the doting parents were selecting the best shot, Dipika looked into one and said:

“Ekdum gusse mein camera ko dekha hai.”

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Finally, Dipika also shared a cute sneak peek into Ruhaan’s first passport-sized photograph. She was seen extremely delighted to see her Ruhaan’s cutesy passport photo, wherein the little boy looked a bit angry. However, Ruhaan’s picture on his first photograph was indeed too cute to miss.

To watch the video, click here.

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