Song Hye Kyo Revealed That Her Cliched Roles Made Her Detest Acting, Said, ‘I Didn’t Enjoy…’


Song Hye Kyo Revealed That Her Cliched Roles Made Her Detest Acting, Said, 'I Didn't Enjoy...'

There is no doubt about the fact that South Korean showbiz is taking the world by storm, and with each passing day, their dramas, music, and movies are setting records that were previously unheard of. If we start recalling the names of the most prominent ones in the industry, then Song Hye Kyo’s name would definitely pop up.

Song Hye Kyo debuted in the world of glitz and glamour when she was just another teenager. She stepped into the acting profession with television drama, First Love in 1996. At that time, she was just 15 years old, and it has been 27 years since then, and she still manages to wow her fans with her acting prowess.

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Song Hye Kyo gained immense popularity with her role as ‘Kang Mo Yeon’ in Descendants Of The Sun

The 41-year-old actress, Song Hye Kyo, has been the protagonist of several popular K-dramas, such as Descendants Of The Sun, Encounter, Autumn In My Heart, Full House, and The Glory. Along with her immensely successful professional front, the actress has also garnered attention for her infamous marriage with Song Joong Ki in 2017, which did not last long and ended after two blissful years. 

Song Hye Kyo revealed that she was too tired of portraying similar roles

Recently, Song Hye Kyo did an interview with a South Korean media outlet, Sports Chosun. She discussed her journey in the industry, the recent award for her role in The Glory, and much more. During their conversation, Song Hye revealed that she was too tired of portraying the same kind of role in all her dramas. She said:

“Acting was always fun, challenging, and difficult, but at some point, I felt a bit tired because I wasn’t doing various productions. I was always shown the same way, and I thought that people would think I was boring because even I felt like I was boring. Maybe that’s why I didn’t enjoy acting anymore.”

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K-drama, The Glory changed Song Hye Kyo’s life completely

However, her perspective changed when she was offered the role of ‘Moon Dong Eun’ in the 2022 psychological thriller, The Glory. The series took the world by storm with its intriguing and intense plot of revenge. Song Hye Kyo even won the Daesang Award (Grand Prize) at the 2nd Blue Dragon Series Awards for the particular role. Reflecting upon the same, she shared:

“I started enjoying acting again when I did The Glory. The roles I received afterwards have also become more diverse than before.”

Song Hye Kyo wants to explore different genres of dramas now

In the same interview, Song Hye Kyo even revealed her eagerness to explore new genres in her upcoming projects. She even wants to work in some horror-themed drama, as she has yet to experience many different types of roles. Talking about the same, she said:

“There are a lot of things I haven’t done yet. I’ve done a lot of melodramas, and since I did that when I was young, there are so many genres I haven’t tried yet. I want to try horror and thrillers, and I also want to play a villain. I also want to do a romantic comedy that has a lot more comedy in it as a silly role.”

After the release of The Glory in December 2022, Song Hye Kyo experienced a revival of her career and wowed audiences with her exceptional acting prowess.

Are you guys excited to see the Hallyu star, Song Hye Kyo in different roles? Let us know.

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