Sunny Deol Blushes When Mentioned About Hugging Amrita Singh, Was Called A ‘Sadhu’ By Dharmendra

Born to veteran actor, Dharmendra and his first wife, Prakash Kaur, Ajay Singh Deol a.k.a., Sunny Deol became a legend, just like his father. Sunny Deol, who recently made a smashing comeback on the silver screen with his blockbuster hit, Gadar 2, recently graced Rajat Sharma’s show, Aap Ki Adalat, in which guests are put on ‘trail’ in a mock courtroom.

Sunny Deol could not stop blushing when asked about hugging Amrita Singh during a song

In one of the promos of the episode, the host, Rajat Sharma narrates a comment from Sunny’s father, Dharmendra where he calls his son a ‘sadhu’ of the family. Rajat quoted the legendary actor and how he asked Sunny to hug Amrita Singh during a song, Badal Yun Garajta Hai, but he couldn’t do it. As soon as Rajat narrated the incident, Sunny couldn’t stop blushing and was left with a red face.

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Sunny Deol and Amrita Singh’s rumoured fling

It was in 1983 when Sunny Deol made his Bollywood debut with the film, Betaab and from that day, Sunny was hailed for his good looks and acting chops. Sunny was cast opposite the gorgeous actress, Amrita Singh in the film. Sunny and Amrita’s debut film, Betaab, not only gave them a platform to accomplish their dreams of becoming actors, the stardom they had desired but also their first fling.


As much as people loved their on-screen chemistry, Sunny and Amrita’s off-screen camaraderie also created a lot of buzz in the media. The romance was brewing off-screen too, until, she came to know about his wife, Pooja Deol. It is also reported that Sunny was already a married man before he entered into the industry and because of his family’s advice, he had kept his marriage with Pooja hidden from the world.

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However, when the news broke out, Amrita Singh distanced herself from Sunny Deol, and they never made an appearance together. Also, Amrita’s mother, Rukhsana Sultana objected to her daughter’s relationship with a married man. Sunny Deol’s mother, Prakash Kaur was against this relationship due to the same reasons.

After Sunny Deol and Amrita Singh broke up, the handsome actor was rumoured to be in a relationship with his Manzil Manzil co-star, Dimple Kapadia. In no time, Dimple Kapadia’s love story with Sunny became the talk of the town, and it was her separated but legally married status with Rajesh Khanna that made the news even more controversial. Just like with Amrita, Sunny’s relationship with Dimple was also short-lived but an infamous affair.


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