Sunny Deol On Buzz About Charging Rs. 50 Crores As His Fees Post ‘Gadar 2’: ‘Money Matters Are…’

Sunny Deol made an unparalleled comeback to the silver screens with his blockbuster hit film, Gadar 2. The film received a humongous response from the audience, same as they did receive its prequel, the 2001-hit release, Gadar: Ek Prem Katha with. With his terrific acting chops, Sunny made his way to the hearts of the audience once again, and the amount of positive responses to the film is a befitting proof. And now, Sunny has reacted to the ongoing buzz about him having hiked his fee per film to a massive amount of Rs. 50 crores.

Sunny Deol reveals whether he has hiked his fees per film to Rs. 50 crores

In a recent interview with Bollywood Hungama, Sunny Deol cleared the air about charging a whopping amount of Rs. 50 crores per film, as his latest release marked an outstanding hit at the box-office, and surpassed the 456-crore milestone. Reacting to the same, Sunny highlighted that matters of money and finance are personal to any individual, including actors like him. In his words:

“First of all, I feel money matters are very personal. No one shares exactly what he or she earns, even to the close ones. Secondly, what I charge or don’t charge will be decided when I sign my next film. Right now, we are all trying to process of enormity of the success of Gadar 2.”

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Sunny reveals he never engages in financial negotiations for his charges in a film

Moving further, Sunny Deol shared how he harbours an unwavering confidence in his skills and talents, and so he never usually engaged in monetary negotiations over his charges per film, even in the lowest phase of his career. However, he emphasised that he is an experienced artist, and added that he still remains the same actor who had once witnessed tremendous failures in his film career. Sharing how it has been merely people’s perceptions towards him that have changed, Sunny mentioned:

“I know my worth. Even in my lowest ebb, I didn’t compromise with my price. At the same time, main samajhdaar insaan hoon. I know today Sunny Deol is being seen in a different light. Lekin main toh wahi hoon jahan main tha. Logon ka nazariya badal gaya hai. For me my family is my greatest wealth. Aur kya chahiye?”


When Sunny shared his father, Dharmendra’s reaction to Gadar 2’s success

Inheriting his father, Dharmendra’s genes of acting finesse, Sunny has left everyone stunned with his power-packed performance in Gadar 2. Speaking along the same lines, Sunny, during the success-press conference of his film, shared his father’s heart-warming reaction to his achievement. Sunny revealed that being a man of few words, Dharmendra merely expressed his happiness by giving him a bright smile and a tight hug.

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When Sunny Deol gave a witty piece of advice for a young generation of actors

During a previous interview with IMDB, Sunny Deol was asked to share one valuable piece of advice for the younger actors. To this, the 65-year-old superstar gave a witty response and highlighted that the newcomers must learn to focus on their acting skills, rather than just honing their muscular physique and dance skills. In his words:

“Stop bodybuilding and dancing. Concentrate on acting. You have the talent, take it ahead because that’s what we need. We are not bodybuilders. You should be fit, strong, and healthy – and definitely music is something which is a part of our culture. I know you all have seen my earlier films, and so many earlier actors, plus there are quite a few new ones who are doing great work. Let them be your heroes rather than people who are simply muscling around.”


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