You are currently viewing Sunny Deol Opens Up On Nepotism, Says, ‘Baap Apne Bache Ke Liye Nahi Karta To Kiske Liye Karta Hai?’

Sunny Deol Opens Up On Nepotism, Says, ‘Baap Apne Bache Ke Liye Nahi Karta To Kiske Liye Karta Hai?’


Sunny Deol Opens Up On Nepotism, Says, 'Baap Apne Bache Ke Liye Nahi Karta To Kiske Liye Karta Hai?'

Sunny Deol is one of the most famous actors in Bollywood. The actor, with a career of more than three decades in Bollywood, provided his fans with more than 90 movies. For the last few months, Sunny has been making it to the headlines with his film, Gadar 2. And now the actor is in seventh heaven as his younger son, Rajveer Deol made his debut in Bollywood with the movie, Dono. However, being an actor’s son and then trying hands in the same industry often sparked the nepotism debate, and Rajveer was no exception. Now, in a recent interview, Sunny opened up about the nepo kid tags that the actors’ sons receive.

Sunny Deol talks about the ‘nepo kid’ tag that the star kids have to receive

In a recent interview with Lallantop, Sunny Deol shared that, at first, he really didn’t get the meaning of nepotism. Later, he understood what nepotism actually means. Sunny also mentioned that if a father will not think about his son’s future and his well-being, then who will? The actor added that it is not only in the entertainment industry but in every field that a father’s first priority is nothing but his child’s secure future. Sunny stated:

“People keep talking about nepotism, and I used to think, what is this even? Phir main baad mein sochne lag gaya, ki baap apne bache ke liye nahi karta, to kiske liye karta hai? Ye baat mujhe samajh mein nahi aati, chaahe jo bhi field mein ho.”

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Sunny Deol slams the trolls who often keep talking about nepotism

Going further in the interview, Sunny Deol slammed those who keep talking about nepotism. The actor mentioned that these people actually couldn’t achieve any success in their lives, so they keep using such words to vent their frustration. Talking more about the same, Sunny said:

“This word is mostly used by those – who are not at fault also- but are frustrated about not finding success in anything. So, they use this word to vent their frustration, jab ke iss shabd ka koi matlab nahi hai.”


Sunny Deol on how his papa, Dharmendra, and brothers made their identity in the industry with their hard work

In the concluding segment of the interview, Sunny Deol shared that his papa, Dharmendra made his own identity in the industry, and his brother did the same and made their own identity with their own hard work. Speaking along the same lines, Sunny stated:

“My father made his own identity. Whatever I am today and whatever Bobby and Abhay are, it’s because of our own identity. Of course, now I do know what it means to be a father and how my father felt. What are a father’s fears and pains but his (Rajveer) journey is his own.”


When Rajveer Deol reacted to actors having an easy life

Earlier, in an interview with Sidharth Kannan, Sunny Deol’s younger son, Rajveer Deol talked about the actors having an easy life. The newbie actor mentioned that people keep saying that the actors have an easy and beautiful life, but it is not at all true. Further, in the interview, Rajveer shared that he had seen his family members, especially his dad, Sunny, working hard, which is why he deserved success from a film like Gadar 2.

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When Sunny Deol’s son, Rajveer Deol said that the former hated his decision to join Bollywood

During the promotional event of his then-upcoming film, Dono, Rajveer Deol shared that although he was quite passionate about acting, his parents, at first, were not at all happy with such a decision. Sharing the reason behind the same, Rajveer mentioned that as work in this field is a bit unpredictable, his parents didn’t want him to join the industry at first.


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