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Sunny Deol’s Son, Rajveer Deol On Actors Having An Easy Life, ‘I’ve Seen How Much My Dad Works…’


Sunny Deol's Son, Rajveer Deol On Actors Having An Easy Life, 'I've Seen How Much My Dad Works...'

Sunny Deol’s secondborn, Rajveer Deol is all set to take the legacy of the Deol clan forward and is all set to make his debut with the film, Dono. For the unversed, the film also stars the debutant, Paloma Dhillon, the daughter of Poonam Dhillon in a lead role opposite to Rajveer. While he has already grabbed a lot of attention for his good looks and well manners, and the audience is anticipating to see a great performance from the actor on the silver screen. And now, Rajveer reacted to some poignant questions within the film fraternity.

Rajveer Deol busts the notion of actors having an easy life, takes the example of dad, Sunny Deol

In a recent interview with Sidharth Kannan, Rajveer Deol talked about witnessing his father, Sunny Deol’s struggles in the film industry, despite being a successful star, and reacted to the often-believed notion of an actor having a smooth life. Speaking along the same lines, Rajveer mentioned:

“For 22 years, I’ve seen him struggle and work. There were no days off. When people come up to me and say that an actor’s life is very easy, they just travel around… They must’ve seen other actors and felt that. I just get very angry, because I’ve seen how much my dad works, and how much family time he sacrifices to go out there and do something. So, to see him finally land a hit with Gadar 2, he deserves it. I don’t know how to describe that joyful feeling, I couldn’t believe it.”

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When Rajveer revealed that his dad, Sunny hated his decision to join the films

During the trailer launch of his film, Dono, Rajveer had opened up about his decision to join the films, being the third generation in his family to do that, after his elder brother, Karan Deol. The young lad mentioned that at first, his parents didn’t approve such a decision, since this line of work is unpredictable. They instead wanted him to go further with his studies. In his words:

“My parents hated the fact that I wanted to be an actor. They wished I studied or done something else in this life because this line is so unpredictable. You are happy for one second, you are miserable, getting work. I mean dad got a hit after 22 years so they were worried how such a mentally draining line. Unfortunately, I just fell in love with acting. I just couldn’t get enough of it. Even now, they wish I did something else and not this.”


When Rajveer spoke about the audience’s expectation of him being in his father’s shadow

In an earlier interaction with News18, Rajveer Deol had talked about his father, Sunny Deol’s on-screen image, which impacted his career right at the beginning. He talked about the expectations of the audience to see him do an action film like his father. Calling it his father’s shadow, Rajveer highlighted that it made him all the more decisive about carving his own path in his film journey.

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When Rajveer spoke about his brother, Karan not being given the freedom to choose his role

In the same interview, Rajveer Deol highlighted his elder brother, Karan Deol’s debut, Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas and expressed how the latter wasn’t given the freedom to choose the type of role he would like to do for his debut. Mentioning how Karan’s film did not make it up to the mark at the box office, Rajveer expressed his gratitude that he wasn’t being launched within his own family.


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